Touch. A Gentle Art.


Aydan Dunnigan-Vickruck talks about the simple things that make an impact – touch being one of them.

Why You Will Never Be Successful If You Cannot Name Your Passion

find your passion

Without passion, success doesn’t exist. Paul Hudson shows us how.

The Gift of a Smile

The Gift of a Smile by Rory MacLeod

People don’t have to be nice. If we can be grateful when they are, we can start being nicer.

Advice to New Fathers: Get Down on the Floor

Napping good

Leonard Pitt, on simple moments.

Still a Daddy to My Little Girl (Even Though I’m a Grandpa to Her Children)

Watching Mary Poppins photo by Daniel Bye

The bonds that Tom Brechlin created with his daughter at a very early age have followed them both into adulthood.

God and a Crimson Porsche

crimson porsche photo by thedalogs

Who do you call on when nothing else will help? Jason Helveston watches a story unfold before his eyes and gains insights.

“Depression rolls in like fog regardless of the situation. Every day is like a battle.”


These are comments by Osnat, Jen, and Scott on the post “Darkness Falling”.

“I went to kiss my sleeping daughter goodnight. She woke up and said, ‘Daddy, you’re home?'”


This is a comment by Adam on the post “This is What Real Fatherhood Looks Like”.

T2TB Week: What Just Happened?


Basketball will be awesome when it wants to be. Hopefully our Talking Balls showed that.