Amazing Video: Newborn Twins Mimic Embrace from Inside the Womb


Twins show how they embraced before they were born in a special bath that is designed to mimic what they experience in the womb.

On Gender Warfare and Dirty Looks

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Sometimes it is best to pick your battles. And sometimes dirty looks are justified. Just ask Oren Miller.

A Thankful Video: From Amazing Kids With Heart Defects

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This is what thankful looks like.

In Support of Dads: Joining the Parenting Equality Conversation

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Heather Gray thinks moms and dads need to talk to each other. Listening is nice, too.

Dads Are Not the Enemy

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Whit Honea was told that men are inherently dangerous. He disagrees.

You Can’t Have Too Many Dads…Or Moms: The Importance of Chosen Family

Chosen Family photo by gustty

JJ Vincent would like us to consider for a moment our “chosen” family — those who we chose to surround ourselves with but who act like family regardless of blood ties.

6th Grade Boys Show That Loving Their Moms Is Cool [Video]

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@MikeHaire, sent us this video that the boys in his 6th grade class made for their moms.

27 Books Your Mom Will Love This Mother’s Day


Want to snag a great read for your mom or wife this weekend? Check out our list.

“There is nothing worse than being a NICU parent, but there is nothing greater than being one who is blessed and lucky enough to take your child home.”


These are comments by Harley, Samara, and Mark on the post “There Are No Gender Politics in the NICU – Baby With a ‘Bucket List’”.

This Is What It Looks Like to Moms When Dads Do This [Photo]

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“Letting kids know that adults are willing to talk about the difficult topics—including sex—builds a net of security.”


Did your parents teach you about your body and consent? Or did they skirt around the topic? Paris, Jenny, and Robert talk about why the healthy sex talk is important.

We, the Media

Stephen Sheffied commissioned art

We call it participatory media. You — whoever you are, armed with just a truth, an insight, a story, a love of men — you are the media.

Raising a Son Within the Princess Culture

Dresden Shumaker, princess culture, princess boys

Is girl power bad for boys?

An Open Letter to My Son, Who Yesterday Was Called a ‘Nerd’

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Even when the world is dark, and people are picking on you for wearing glasses, Mom and Dad are here and we’d take a bullet to spare you pain.

“I don’t know why there is still so much negative stuff stay-at-home dads have to go through.”


This is a comment by ogwriter and Joan on the post “Why Dads Matter: A Feminist Mom’s Perspective”. Ogwriter is tired of all of the division in the household as far as the media talking about who supposedly is biologically better at partenting, and Joan reminds us that a family is about people and work, not just individuals earning gold stars.

20 Reasons Dads Matter

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Lisa Belkin, arguably the best known parenting blogger, left dads out of her list of parenting trends. Here’s why that is wrong.