How Guys Can Talk About Money Without Being Sent to the Couch


They say experience is the best teacher. I disagree. I believe other people’s experience is the best teacher.

3 Reasons Why You Aren’t Really Hearing What She is Saying


Relationships enrich your life, but they aren’t free. They require regular investments of your time, energy and attention.

How to Love Your Side Business and Relationship at the Same Time


How to create a little balance between your life and your business without neglecting either.

What Does it Mean to Have ‘Enough’?

enough is enough

Tom Matlack reflects on the world buzzing around him and wonders why there is the seemingly unquenchable thirst for “more”.

What a Thief Taught Me About Money


He knew it was a bad part of town and sure enough, his car was broken into. What he didn’t expect was the life-lesson that would come from a thief. — I’m “that guy” who will stop in the middle of a busy sidewalk to pick up a penny. To me, that’s easy money. To […]

6 Dumb Financial Decisions Young Men Should Avoid


Here — The picture above is the car that I’m currently driving. It’s a rental. I’m not particularly smart, and I wasn’t blessed with connections. Identifying the difference between assets and liabilities while resisting the urge to buy things that my friends and contemporaries had has given me the freedom to pursue business and personal […]

His Money, Her Money, Where is MY Money?


Do you and your spouse have separate bank accounts?  — Being married can lead to financial success and more riches. When it comes to marriage and money, there’s good news and there’s bad news. The bad news is that couples who fight about money an average of once a week are more than 30 percent […]

The #1 Mistake Parents Make When Starting Their Entrepreneurial Journey


Being a parent has given you everything you need to run a business.

7 Deadly Pitfalls In Marriage And Committed Relationships

Life's expectations!

Caveat emptor! What your mother never told you about being in a relationship but, Dr. Steve will.

Why I Quit My Job With No Plans for What’s Next


If the next five years of your life are the same as the last five years, will you be okay with that? — That question grabbed my attention so tightly I nearly choked on my breath. At the time, I had been at my job for exactly five years. Those five years of my life […]

When a Man is Down to His Last Dollar


He loved to party when he was younger. As he grew older and had a family, getting down to his last dollar almost broke him.

The Day I Panicked and Applied For a Job


He quit his job to live his dream. Three months later, no money was coming in and he panicked. — Last week, I was driving home from dinner with my wife, and we were talking about a friend of ours. He has worked for himself for years, but because his business is slow, he just […]

How One Man Made an Extra $3,000 a Month With This Simple Exercise


His first year in business he made $500. He used this simple exercise to grow his business by $3,000 a month.  — I was about to give up on my business. My first year in online business, if you could call it a business, was a washout. I netted over my first year, at positive […]

Security Breach: How the Government is Creating Zombies


Is your money safe? Brittni Brown examines how the government is hurting financial stability.

3 Amazing Strategies To Becoming Highly Successful


The secret to success isn’t what you think. These strategies can help. — Becoming a highly successful person is not a reactive series of events. There is a purposeful strategy. There is a broader vision or a dream that you must be obsessed with and work towards every day. There is no magic formula to […]

7 Reasons Why “Street Knowledge” Can Make You a Better Entrepreneur


There are life lessons in every situation. — Here are three iconic figures born without a silver spoon. You don’t have to look far to find incredible success stories from inner city raised entrepreneurs. They often credit some of their success to humble urban upbringings. Here are three iconic figures born without a silver spoon who turned “lead […]