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Superman only exists in the comics. This is the real world and guys make mistakes.

5 Common Mistakes Even Successful Men Make When Dealing With Money

Nobody wants to dwell on their mortality, but those you love are going to need to support each other if they have lost you.

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They say experience is the best teacher. I disagree. I believe other people’s experience is the best teacher.

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What a Thief Taught Me About Money

He knew it was a bad part of town and sure enough, his car was broken into. What he didn’t expect was the life-lesson that would come from a thief. — I’m “that guy” who will stop in the middle of a busy sidewalk to pick up a penny. To me, that’s easy money. To […]

6 Dumb Financial Decisions Young Men Should Avoid

Here — The picture above is the car that I’m currently driving. It’s a rental. I’m not particularly smart, and I wasn’t blessed with connections. Identifying the difference between assets and liabilities while resisting the urge to buy things that my friends and contemporaries had has given me the freedom to pursue business and personal […]