5 Things I Hated About Being Overweight


A glimpse into what this man went through when he was 170 pounds overweight.

The $100 Life


Jackie Summers looks at how we value money. And how we value life.

3 Reasons Why Focusing on Impact Instead of Income Makes You More Money Sooner


Many entrepreneurs know how to make money, but money fades while impact continues to change lives.

Counting Change


Michael T. Young offers a meditation on beauty and value, past and present, via a thoughtful parallel.

Alright Sports, I’m About To Leave You . . . Won’t You Listen?

Money Sports - GMP

David Shechtman believes that sports leagues have been raising prices without delivering a better product for far too long. For him, this is sucking the soul from being a sports fan.

4 Creative Ways Guys Can Make Money


Gallup says we spend 47 hours of our week working. That time could be spent at a miserable job or doing something you love.

5 “How to Get Rich” Myths Debunked


After reading a “Hot to Get Rich” guide, this man decided to debunk the myths and offer real advice, from real people, on how to get rich. — I just read some of the worst advice I have ever seen in my life. I have spent some time talking with, and studying, millionaires. I couldn’t […]

5 Tools to Rock the Hell Out of Being an Entrepreneur


Britt Bolnick believes that if you’re going to start or run a successful business, you have to do your “inner work” first. She offers five tools to help.

6 Things I Learned Going From Young Millionaire to Bankrupt


Nick Ruiz was a millionaire by 26 but lost it all in the real estate crash of 2008. Angry, broke, and depressed, he learned six lessons that radically changed his life forever.



Sometimes men get so hung up on a particular definition of “success” that they fail to realize the good they’re doing just by being themselves. J.D. Smith reminds us of this important lesson in a poem that deftly engages the mythic.

What I learned Losing $7,211 Creating iPhone Apps


Karol Gajda urges you to learn from his mistakes.

7 Truths to Remember as You Live Out Your Dream


You know all the cliches. Thai Ngyuen spices up success advice in 7 pieces.

Virginia Gov. McDonnell’s Fall from Grace. Just Desserts?

Bob McDonnell

The man who would be king? (Or at least potential running mate to the man who almost became king) is going to prison and out of public life for good.

Giving an Allowance: Are You Raising a Shoplifter or a CEO?

Giving an Allowance: Are You Raising a Shoplifter or a CEO?

Mike Reynolds considers the hypothetical extremes—the pros, cons, and everything in between—of deciding whether or not to give his five-year-old daughter her first allowance.

7 Things That Attract A Partner More Than Money And Cars


Jordan Gray says that drive, spontaneity, and vulnerability attract women more than money or flashy cars ever will.