The $100 Life


Jackie Summers looks at how we value money. And how we value life.

7 Things That Attract A Partner More Than Money And Cars


Jordan Gray says that drive, spontaneity, and vulnerability attract women more than money or flashy cars ever will.

When You Were My Age


Baby Boomers these days, am I right? A rundown of some harsh socioeconomic truths for a generation that needs to listen to their youngers.

“Do Most American’s learn about Issues & Vote based on Sound Bites?”

Social Media

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5 Things to do With a Couple Trillion Dollars

Money wad AMagill:Flickr

You just might have the chance to be a multi-multi-trillionaire!

Riches Won’t Make You Happy, but a Greener Economy Might


Conventional economic growth based on rising consumption is not tenable, and a shift to a green economy is inevitable

Love, Money, and Conquering the World One Change at a Time

Some things money cant buy photo by giumaiolini

Anthony Carter suggests you ask yourself “What can you offer that will change someone?”

If You Think Money Can’t Buy Happiness, Maybe You’re Not Spending it Right

Michael Norton

What if everything you thought about money and happiness was wrong. Michael Norton, with a surprising TEDx talk.

‘Wolf’ and ‘American Hustle’ Show Success in Unflattering Light

wolf hustle

Michael Amity holds the two Oscar nominated films under a different kind of spotlight.

“it is these exact market conditions that allow you to get away with paying workers what you do…so you can enjoy…your extra 20-30 hours of free time.”

work to live

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The Question Is…. Do You Tell Anyone Your Secret?


So long as you have this secret you will earn $100 everyday. You can tell ONE person this secret and so long as they keep it you will earn $100,000 everyday. But….

Net Worth and The Man Behind the Man


This man who had raised himself on the streets made my heart larger and my life richer.

How to Stand Back Up After Life Knocks You Down

Falling Down photo by vincepal

Tamara Star learned the hard way that ‘the dark night of the soul’ is really a time of transformation. Here’s how she saw her way through.

My Wife and I Work for Food and Shelter

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How we stopped using our money and revitalized our marriage.

Affluenza vs Povertism: The Divided States of America!

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Homeless Philadelphian Paul Klemmer grew up in Redbank, New York, with all the symptoms of Affluenza, but by age 20 he was on tour with the Grateful Dead, selling acid to concert goers in the parking lot. The self-proclaimed veteran of the “War for Peace” is now sick with a new social disease, povertism, an illness with no respect to race, only class.