When a Man is Down to His Last Dollar


He loved to party when he was younger. As he grew older and had a family, getting down to his last dollar almost broke him.

The Day I Panicked and Applied For a Job


He quit his job to live his dream. Three months later, no money was coming in and he panicked. — Last week, I was driving home from dinner with my wife, and we were talking about a friend of ours. He has worked for himself for years, but because his business is slow, he just […]

How One Man Made an Extra $3,000 a Month With This Simple Exercise


His first year in business he made $500. He used this simple exercise to grow his business by $3,000 a month.  — I was about to give up on my business. My first year in online business, if you could call it a business, was a washout. I netted over my first year, at positive […]

Security Breach: How the Government is Creating Zombies


Is your money safe? Brittni Brown examines how the government is hurting financial stability.

3 Amazing Strategies To Becoming Highly Successful


The secret to success isn’t what you think. These strategies can help. — Becoming a highly successful person is not a reactive series of events. There is a purposeful strategy. There is a broader vision or a dream that you must be obsessed with and work towards every day. There is no magic formula to […]

7 Reasons Why “Street Knowledge” Can Make You a Better Entrepreneur


There are life lessons in every situation. — Here are three iconic figures born without a silver spoon. You don’t have to look far to find incredible success stories from inner city raised entrepreneurs. They often credit some of their success to humble urban upbringings. Here are three iconic figures born without a silver spoon who turned “lead […]

6 Reasons Why I Won’t Push College on My Children


 With student loan debt at an all-time high, and degrees not being what they used to, this man says it’s time for parents to rethink what they teach their children.  — Back when I was in high school, the factors involved in deciding whether or not to attend college were completely different. Going to college […]

5 Ways Your Money Is Making You Sick


Your money is affecting your life one way or another. Here are five areas to think about. — We know taking care of our bodies is important, but most of us don’t make the connection between our health and our wallets. Stress caused by debt and money worries doesn’t just make you poor in terms […]

Why My Wife Loves My “Job”


What would your life be like if you woke up every day to a “job” you love? True freedom in your work doesn’t have to be a fantasy. — For most of our life together, my wife has hated what I did for “work.” We met at Burger King while I was seventeen and fell […]

Love & Debt Don’t Mix (And What You Can Do About It)


Despite not getting an inheritance or winning the lottery, they were able to pay off six-figure debt using these tips.  — As a writer interested in love and relationships, money woes are a well-established relationship killer. If you have large amounts of debt, you are not alone. From student loans to credit cards to unforeseen […]

Seven Beers and a Pension: Financial Freedom for the Rest of Us

seven beers

Between bringing home the bacon and winning the bread, financial burdens can be enough to unmake anyone’s sandwich. Jeremy McKeen invests heavily concerning the death of the last salesman.

How More Dads Are Finally Getting Rich


Getting rich goes far beyond money and is within reach for every dad. — There is the expectation that as the father of the house, you go out into the world, and you earn the dough. You do whatever it takes to get ahead, build a career and become successful. You make sacrifices of time […]

How Two Buckets, Some Sand, Water And A Friend Changed My Priorities


This unexpected lesson changed his perspective and life. —  I was given an assignment on my first day in my human resources position in 1989. This assignment was to form a committee with all the other HR managers in the company. My manager wanted to ensure consistency across the company. At the time, I did […]

6 Money Myths Guys Should Avoid Falling Victim To


Your goal may not be riches, but how nice would it be to enjoy freedom without financial stress?

13 Inspiring Quotes on Overcoming Roadblocks


You can overcome even the toughest challenges in life. Here’s some advice to help.

The Most Powerful Question to Ask Yourself Around Money

most powerful question around money photo by tax credits

Bryan Reeves learned the hard way that living in fear of money scarcity just creates money scarcity. One powerful question changed everything for him.