My Almost Date with a Cowboy, Polebridge, Montana

Karen Paul Holmes’s poem captures the tension between desire and distaste.

Is Death With Dignity The Same As Suicide?

A therapist and family caregiver ponders the implications of being able to choose the manner of our life, and death.

Petition Calls For All On-Duty Police Officers To Wear Tamper-Proof Cameras

Sparked by recent events, a petition is asking for a method to keep surveillance on on-duty officers in hopes of ending police brutality.

Whether Men Haze Bison or Humans, The Explanations Are Oddly Similar

Haze (v): (1) Drive in a specific direction while on horseback; (2) Force to perform strenuous, humiliating, or dangerous tasks

Going Home to Newtown

EDITOR’S NOTE: This post first ran on Dec. 20, 2012, one week after the tragedy of Newtown, as Sean Beaudoin returned to his hometown and grappled with what had happened.

Kenyth Mogan: The Geek Pop Star from Montana

Kenyth Mogan talks to Good Men Project’s Savas Abadsidis about growing up gay in Montana, music, manhood, and artistic heros.

Tag, You’re It—Never Stop Playing

How one continuous game of tag has kept the friendship of 9 men going strong since high school.

Would-Be Robber Changes Mind, Leaves With Food Instead

Police Chief Troy McGee said, “In Helena, I don’t recall recently something like this has happened.”

Road Trip: Tips for Making Lifetime Memories

Jay Palter takes his 9 year olds on a summer road trip the whole family will appreciate now and remember, always.

A Gay Cowboy’s First Castro Pride

One gay cowboy’s mind is opened by the diversity of celebrants at the 1987 San Francisco Gay Pride parade.

I Hate Miami: Does Sports Teach Hostility?

Andy Hinds fears that sports culture may be teaching our kids aggression, based upon a cultish and arbitrary legacy.


Andy Hinds and his father share memories of Andy’s bootlegging, fist-fighting, cowboy grandfather, “Tex.”

10 Things I May or May Not Have Learned From My Dad but Probably Should Have

Andy Hinds lists the top 10 reasons his father is a shining exemplar of masculinity.

Bush-Nominated Judge Sends Racist Email About Obama

Jake DiMare wonders what Judge Cebull was feeling when he hit send?

Parallel Universe, MT Population: 1

Oliver Lee Bateman writes, “I lived in a state of parallel play alongside the denizens of what struck me as a strange, distant world.”

The Montana Indians’ Purest Howl

Poverty, alcoholism, under-education, marginalization by the government, hope, basketball.