16 Life Lessons I’ve Learned From the Movies

It’s funny where you pick-up bits and pieces of inspiration over the years.

The Sports Exchange: Baseball Season Is Back

In honor of the beginning of the 2015 MLB baseball season, Sports Editors Mike Kasdan and Wai Sallas riff on all things baseball and some things not, with appearances by Monty Python, Doc Brown, and – yes – Pete Rose.

Harry Nilsson: The Legacy of “The American Beatle”

His talent was too big for just one genre or role, and he set the bar a little higher for everything he did (except Dracula.)

Let’s Argue About Something

Ken Goldstein wants to argue—-but also wants to know the point of the argument.

No, Really, What Are You Fighting For?

Allan Mott asks this question: How would you feel and what would you do if tomorrow the world suddenly became the place you’ve always wanted to live in?

Who’s In Your Sketch Comedy Pantheon?

Comedy is a lot like music–it’s a great way for young people to form an identity they can present to the world as they struggle to find out who they really are.

Are You Fighting For What You Believe In Because You Truly Believe In It or Because You Like to Fight?

Sometimes it’s important to take a step back and ask yourself, “If I’m not willing to do everything I can to at least try and get everyone on my side, then what exactly am I really fighting for?”

Open Thread: Art That Changed Your Life

A book, a movie, a story, an image that you saw at the right time, and that helped make you who you are today.

50 Movies You Should See Before You Die (in No Particular Order)

From ‘Cop Land’—who knew Stallone could act?—to the original ‘Postman Always Rings Twice,’ Steve Jaeger on why these are movies worth watching.

Five Comedy Videos You Need to Watch

Oliver Lee Bateman explains why four somewhat overlooked sketches are rip-roaringly funny and why one very famous Andy Samberg digital short isn’t.

Why Can’t We Stop Policing Sex?

Cornelius Walker wants us to stop treating women’s bodies and sex as something to be bartered for political gain.

Rockin the Falls

If they can somehow find a way to get to 23, they could have their own NHL team.         DATELINE: WEDNESDAY 3:12 P.M. I left the house to pick up Drama Queen from school and take her to tae kwon do at 4 P.M.  I turned the radio on in my car […]