Have You Hugged Someone Today? Do it Now!


Hugs are awesome, healing and powerful, and since we all have an endless supply, be generous and hug, hug, hug

The Taoist Weather Report: Pop Goes the Ego


This episode discusses what can happen when we remember to let go of our infatuation with ourselves and see things in a more integrated way.

Put a Little Fred Astaire in Your Life

Fred Astaire Ginger Rogers

Movement, talent and joy. Back in 1937 (yes, 76 years ago!), the American dancer performed another great piece in A Damsel in Distress movie.

Healthy Man, Healthy Mind

men talking photo by sco

Conrad Liveris wants to make sure he is there for other men who are suffering from mental health issues.

“People don’t wake up one day and decide that suicide is something they want to do.”


This is a comment by Tom B on the post “How to Help Someone Who Is Feeling Suicidal”.

#musicmonday: let’s get serious [free mp3 downloads]

A mountain of free music downloads every single Monday, for your enjoyment

Study of the Day: Extroverts Aren’t So Good at Saving


Crave immediate gratification? You’re not alone—especially if you’re an extrovert.