On Being a Prepper: Disaster Preparedness and Moral Standards

Coast Guard Rescue

Capt. William E. Simpson, well-known ‘prepper’, gives some examples of how the best prepared in an emergency situation or disaster have training, experience, and moral courage.

Sean Hannity, Take Note: Physical Courage is Easier Than Moral Courage

sean hannity (250x201)

It’s easy to blindside someone and lay them out; it’s a lot harder to stand up in a locker room of 52 teammates and say it’s wrong to try and intentionally hurt an opponent.

How Cheap Physical Courage


Risking injury for money is one kind of brave. Liam Day argues that it’s less brave than refusing to.

A Practical Guide to Bravery


Carl Pettit offers a taxonomy of bravery for the rest of us to emulate.

Sometimes I Want To Give Up


Jeffrey Hartinger tells the truth about dealing with bigotry and its endless microaggressions: no matter how tough you are, it doesn’t get any easier.

“Living is not for the sake of others approval…If you lose yourself, you lose everything.”


Comment by ValterV on Be Yourself: Everybody Else is Taken by Robert Levithan Living is not for the sake of others’ approval, it’s for enjoying it the utmost. If you lose others, you’ll find someone else. If you lose yourself, you lose everything. Only those who dare to fail greatly, can ever achieve greatly. Few […]

“I’m convinced moral courage is not as highly appreciated as some people assume.”


“Ever since my early teens, my heroes have not been sports stars, actors, or rock singers. (After all, they’re entertainers, not heroes.)”