I’ve Built a Life With a Woman But I’m Gay. What Should I Do?

Joe Kort addresses the complex issues facing a marriage upon the husband’s self-realization of his true sexuality.

The Moral Dilemma of Not Hunting

When I returned to meat eating after a stint of vegetarianism, I discovered a growing urge to know where my food came from.

Environmental Issues, Meet The Twilight Zone

Would you take an action if you knew that in some unknown place, someone you didn’t know would die as a result?

The Trouble with Trouble

We’ve all been there, yes?

Is My Friend a Rapist?

A text from an ex accusing a friend of rape has left me completely confused. The issues seem clear-cut but they’re not. Have I done all I can?

The Classic Moral Dilemma of The Drowning Girl

This comment was from NickMostly, replying to Joanna Schroeder, on the post “I Can’t Speak for Men and I Shouldn’t Have to”