Who Are You If You’re Not The Color Of Your Skin?

In response to a youtube video Keola tries to tackle the question, “Who am I if I’m not labeled?” — “I am not Black.” These are the first words that comes out of Richard Williams mouth as his video dives into the power of labels in our lives. He uses a powerful metaphor comparing our bodies to […]

An Open Letter To The Mormon Church

Christopher Macneil believes the Mormon Church has strayed from a moral path.

Mormon Church Loses 1 Million Members Over Gay Marriage

The Mormon Church is bleeding members over gay marriage. Fred Karger explains why that is important.

52 Tasks To Being A Good Man: Week # 35 Re-Place of Worship

Joe Doe on how we can be more respectful of others’ religious beliefs.

What Radical Professors Can Learn from Mormon Missionaries

They’re certainly persistent. Perhaps people on the other side of the spectrum should be as well.

Church of Latter-day Saints

Way too little, far too late

Transmormon Sheds Light on Trans Members of the LDS Church

A new documentary sheds light on the struggles transgender people in the LDS Church face, and the power of a loving, supportive family.

Mormon Mom’s Unconditional Love for Her Transgender Son

Grayson Moore, a self-described “sheltered, Utah Mormon boy”, received the kind of love that all trans*children should get from their parents.

Pulling the Red Card on The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS) has connected a number of forms of oppression, most notably sexism, heterosexism, and racism.

Marriage Is a Garden … Ya Dig?!

An amazing woman shares her simple marriage secret after five years of happiness with her husband, ‘Amazing Grace.’

A Gay Mormon Recorded His Friends’ Reactions to Him Coming Out (Video)

How did it go? Find out for yourself.

Two Harvard Men Battle For President

Liam Day asserts that as little as they or their supporters might like to admit, Obama and Romney have a lot in common.

What Does ‘Mitt’ Mean?

Would you vote for a ‘Willard’ over a ‘Barry’?

A Gay Man Married a Woman, and That’s Fine

HeatherN salutes Mormon husband and father Josh Weed for his honesty about being gay but choosing to marry and have children with a woman, without condemning others who choose differently.

My First Kentucky Derby: The Infield

Jamie Reidy reminisces on his blurry, yet memorable first trip to the Kentucky Derby.

Christ to Elway: “Don’t Sign Peyton”

Jamie Reidy shares a letter from Jesus Christ to John Elway, the Denver Broncos’ president.