‘You are Mortal. You are Just a Man. You are Mortal.’

You are mortal

In a world built to keep us safe, there is power in remembering how fragile we really are.

Dear Son, This Is The Hardest Letter I Have Ever Written…

Dear Son, This Is The Hardest Letter I Have Ever Written...

Dave Kelly is not looking forward to the day he has to explain his brain tumor to his young son.

The Beauty of Not Dying

grim reaper

What would you do if you met the grim reaper face-to-face? If you’re Jackie Summers, you decide to pay very very close attention.

Standing in Front of the Train: One Man Faces Down Cancer

Standing in Front of the Train: One Man Faces Down Cancer

Ken Richter had a near-dead experience years ago and now, as he faces cancer, he reflects on what he’s learned by facing his own mortality.

On the Road of Life & Death

Zimbabwe Road

In Kenya, where only 3% of the population owns cars, what makes drivers slow down? How might we see roads differently?

Thinking About Death Can Make You Value Life More


Go ahead and contemplate your own mortality. How does it feel? Would you be surprised to learn that it can potentially improve your mental health to think about your death more often?

The Valuable Lesson of Mortality

Memento Mori

The questions we dread are the same ones everyone else dreads. They’re better asked and contemplated in community.

Godspeed, Egon: In Memory of Harold Ramis


Seminary graduate N.C. Harrison reflects on Harold Ramis’ mortality, and his own.

Shooting an Elephant


In deceptively simple language, Lee Patton brings together mortality and isolation, elephants and teeth.

New Year’s Resolution 2014: Raising Boys to Become Good Fathers

father son by bendeictfrancis resized

Andrew Smiler says that in order to have sons who become involved, caring fathers we need to start teaching the relevant skills in childhood.

Want to Live a Life Fully Alive? Then Master Death

jump for joy

Miguel Ruiz Jr. reveals how facing our mortality can open us to living life fearlessly and fully.

5 Mobile Apps That Could Make You a Better Person (Possibly)

LIft photo 2

Tune in, turn on and drop out – using apps to unplug.

Don’t Be Afraid of My Scary Eating Disorder

muffin photo by mozarphotography

Julia Newman’s dad didn’t know how to deal with her eating disorder. Until the day he was able to help.

The Other Side of Response

first responders, emergency response, EMTs, certified first responder, certified wilderness responder, crisis, heroes

Becoming a first responder seemed to make disaster fall into Kendall Ruth’s path with greater frequency.

Men’s Global Healthcare is Woefully Underfunded

man smoking, smoking, drinking, health, men's health, mortality, united nations, sarah hawkes, london

Despite men being statistically less healthy than women, global health funding has been largely focused on women.


EKG, holter monitor, running, grief, fathers and sons, wrestling, sports, health, cardiovascular health, heart attack, mortality, medical, fear

James M. Chesbro runs from grief and mortality.