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If your life ended tomorrow, what would your legacy for your children be?

How Do You Raise a Boy Who is Dying?

Nicholas Jensen was six years old, and he was dying. This is the story of the adults around him who helped him live his life.

Playing the Hand You’re Dealt

When you realize your Rock God is mortal.

Why Are Death Rates Rising for Middle Aged White Americans?

The cult of emotional toughness and the constant drumbeat of bootstrap thinking among whites has unleashed an epidemic of social isolation.

Fish Boil

Summer may be ending but Bill Yarrow still takes us to a fish-fry. Yet how often does a fish-fry make you contemplate your mortality?

5 Things My Sons Will Inherit When I Die

What every father can gift to their sons when they die.

A Son’s Vigil

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Her eyes roll back into her head and she falls unconscious to the floor. Steven Lake describes what happened to his wife.

Seven Things to Keep in Mind While Caring for a Dying Parent

James Delles remembers what it was like to care for his father in his last days and offers a few tips about what anyone assuming the caregiver role for a parent really needs to know about death and dying.

‘You are Mortal. You are Just a Man. You are Mortal.’

In a world built to keep us safe, there is power in remembering how fragile we really are.

Dear Son, This Is The Hardest Letter I Have Ever Written…

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The Beauty of Not Dying

What would you do if you met the grim reaper face-to-face? If you’re Jackie Summers, you decide to pay very very close attention.

Standing in Front of the Train: One Man Faces Down Cancer

Ken Richter had a near-dead experience years ago and now, as he faces cancer, he reflects on what he’s learned by facing his own mortality.

On the Road of Life & Death

In Kenya, where only 3% of the population owns cars, what makes drivers slow down? How might we see roads differently?

Thinking About Death Can Make You Value Life More

Go ahead and contemplate your own mortality. How does it feel? Would you be surprised to learn that it can potentially improve your mental health to think about your death more often?

The Valuable Lesson of Mortality

The questions we dread are the same ones everyone else dreads. They’re better asked and contemplated in community.