As the World Turns… On Bernie Sanders

Bernie seems to have worn out his media welcome. Will he still stay in the Democratic race through to the end?

How a Culture of Violence is Damaging Our Country Today

A catastrophic act of violence in her family led Vicky Cox to examine the personal and cultural influences that might precipitate such an event, as well as the forces that may create change.

The Patterns In Mass Shootings and a Conversation About Men

A look at the patterns in the 71 mass shootings over the last 32 years and how they intersect with the social pressures of masculinity.

They want Everyone to Vote, Except You, You and You!

Democracy only works when most people vote and participate. Voting should be encouraged, facilitated, easy, and free from coercion and fraud.

New Report Shows Violent Crime Rates Linked to Lead Poisoning

The rise and fall of leaded gasoline directly mimics the arc of violent crime in America.

Newtown Massacre: Stop Conflating Violence and Mental Illness

By all means, let’s improve mental health services in the US. Please. But if you want to talk about how to prevent rampage violence, s.e. smith is afraid you’re going to need to move on to other subjects.

Mitt Romney Admits He Was Wrong About 47 Percent

It takes a brave person to admit when he’s wrong… especially when he’s a presidential candidate.

Will ‘The 47 Percent’ End All Hopes for a Romney Presidency?

Did Mitt Romney misspeak in the explosive Mother Jones videos taped at a private donor function, or do the videos offer a glimpse into what Romney and the ultra-1%’ers really feel about those who receive government benefits?

Fred Karger Deserves a Seat at the Republican Table

Tthe Republican Party can at least make a sign of good faith and allow its only openly gay presidential candidate a voice at its official table.

The 10 at 10

Feb. 23 roundup: Kristen Schaal on abortion funding, NASA vs. God, and everything that is wrong with America in eight charts.

South Dakota Has Lost Its Mind

A bill that would require everyone to own a gun? C’mon, SoDak.

Guys Against Sexual Assault

There’s nothing like the threat of a good crotch groping to galvanize our nation’s men into action against sexual assault.

Study of the Day: Repealing DADT Won’t Hurt Military

According to a draft of a recent Pentagon study, the ban on gays openly serving in the military can be lifted with minimal risk.