How to Change the World

Embed from Getty Images Dr. King wasn’t “just” a pastor, and Ghandi wasn’t “just” a lawyer. You’re never “just” a person, unless you decide that’s all you care to be. — Sometimes I watch the news, or on a rare occasion I pick up a newspaper, and it seems as if our world is falling apart. […]

Stop Being a Zombie In Your Life And Relationship: Awaken To The Fire Of Passion

Steven Lake brings us some inspired thoughts about the importance of passion in life and love.

All Men Are Inherently Good

“True harmony and peace requires a balance between the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine.”

Inspiration Unpacked: You Are Enough to Make a Difference

Everywhere we look we see a need for change, and sometimes we feel we’re too insignificant to matter. But that’s simply not true.

Raising Compassionate Boys: Why I Practice Compassion?

Kozo Hattori explains why he practices compassion above all else while raising his sons.

A Surprising Job Offer from Mother Teresa

Snake Bloomstrand relates how Mother Teresa opened the eyes and heart of Father Bennie.

Male Yearning

Tom Matlack gets serious about smash-mouthed football, Humanism, and the epidemic of men yearning for love and meaning.

The Guy’s Guide to Feminism: Two Excerpts

Two excerpts from Michael Kaufman and Michael Kimmel’s book The Guy’s Guide to Feminism

CNN asks, “Are Men Stupid?” … Actually, No.

Why focus on the perceived stupidity of the few rather than the brilliance or courage or big-heartedness of the many?

Why Vietnam Vets Are America’s Greatest Heroes

Raymond Bechard pays tribute to the men who hardly received any while they fought for our country.