The Business of Co-Parenting: A Mindset Shift That Changes the Game


There is a way to parent together without the drama.

6 Choices Happy Couples Make to Grow Their Love


Do you ever wonder why some couples don’t seem to have any problems and are always happy?

When Mom is Emotionally Unstable: 7 Ways to Heal

mother and son - dr rutherford

How do you figure out how to be in her presence—have a relationship with her—while not allowing yourself to be sucked into the vortex of her emotions?

The Dangers of Being Raised By a Strong Woman


He had a strong mother, but no male role models. Now he wants to know how to be a man. — Jay (not his real name) is a 25-year-old musician who was raised by a powerful strong single mother. His father was a poor role model, and remained absent from the time Jay was a little […]

Why Hugs Don’t Heal


Drama was her life growing up. Nothing prepared her for raising boys.

10 Grown Up Things We’ve Learned From Getting Engaged


Fights in public, putting each first, and learning how to live with each other were a few “grown-up” lessons they learned the hard way.

How Will I Know When I Am in a Body?


Nora Meiners writes as the white mother of a biracial son, reflecting on black male bodies and the perils that attend them.

Dear Divorced Parents, Could Divorce Make Your Kids Lives Better?

Swaby - Ken and Pat

An adult child of divorce faces the facts that good did come out of it for this man and his brother.

6 Signs You’re a Man With Daddy Issues


How to overcome anger towards your father and become your own man. — For my 12-year-old son, it was a rite of passage for me to introduce him to Luke Skywalker, Obi-wan Kenobi, and Darth Vader. I saw the first Star Wars movie with my dad at about the same age.  Many men deny any […]

7 Ways Single Dads Without Custody Can Create A Lasting Bond With Their Kids


It’s a difficult when there’s separation, but these tips can help you get closer to your kids. — If you are a single dad who does not have primary custody of your kids, or you’ve had to move far away from your children since the divorce, it can be difficult to maintain the close relationship […]

4 Ways to Ensure Your Family Participates in Your Passion


Your actions speak louder than your words. Your kids will pick up on what’s real or fake.  — More and more these days, the word passion has become ubiquitous. We hear it everywhere that you have to be passionate about life, and stop working only for the money. It is true that money will not […]

Lyin’ And Cheatin’: How To Screw Up Your Relationship Real Good

Honesty is the best policy

Steven Lake explores how a lack of self-awareness leads to crippling choices in relationship.

5 Ways Divorce Taught Me To Truly Love My Daughter


After wrecking his car and body, this man learned how to forgive and be there for his daughter.

6 Similarities Between LeBron James Finals Performance and My Stay at Home Wife/Mom


Even though his team lost, Travis Scott walked away with a new appreciation for his wife.

Did You Cry When He Left?

Snake Bloomstrand Did You Cry

Snake Bloomstrand, on rituals that make a boy into a man.

Tree of the Apple


Kelly DuMar masterfully captures “the holy moment that saves your life” in this deceptively simple prose poem.