There’s No Such Thing as “Finding Yourself”


Sara Crolick gains new insight on the “myth of self-discovery” inviting serious questions about her goals as an individual, her constant quest to find herself and her role as a mother.

14 Things You Must Teach Your Son about Sex

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Andrew Smiler highlights 14 aspects of sexuality that every parent should teach their sons.

100 Words on Love: More Like Tony Soprano Than Mother Teresa


I never could have known that loving my children would be more like stone cold ruthlessness.

Cookie Cutter: There is No Cut Out for the Perfect Boy


Parenting sons is not a one-size-fits-all job. Brandy Pettigrew explains her journey of raising two boys.

Dear Future Mom: People With Down Syndrome Explain to New Parents What Life Will be Like with a Down Syndrome Child

People with Down Syndrome Explaining Future Mother

Discovering that her unborn child has Down syndrome prompted an expectant mother to ask “What kind of life will my child have?”

“Children have a right to a stable loving relationship with both parents…”

divorced dad

This comment by trey1963 on the post What About the Fathers?

America’s Working Single Mothers: An Appreciation


Lebron James tells the inspiring story of how his mother gave him the chance to be the man he is today.

What About the Fathers?


Kathryn Edin explores the complex reasons behind why there are so many absent fathers.

Marriage, Motherhood and Men


Ann O’Leary on how best to address the surge of women having babies outside of marriage and raising children on their own.

9 Things I Want to Say (But Don’t) to Your Curious Yet Racially-Charged Microaggressions Against Me & My Children


Grace Biskie knows you’re just curious, but for the sake of her sons, please keep your curiosity to yourself.



“Daria laughs up at Jeff, the man she will marry, even though she’s not pregnant.” By Heidi Bell

A Letter to Husbands About OUR Children… From Your Wife

shin family

Husbands, You Can Help Us Give You What You Desire.

100 Words on Love: The Sharp, Breathless Love

master of stink eye

They said, “It’s a boy!” and I started to cry.

Puberty Hits You Like a Sucker-Punch

teen son sleeping

Marie Roker-Jones’s son’s teen years have been confusing and a bit lonely for her, so she reached out to him to try and understand what he’s going through. Here, an open letter from her son Nygel, to all parents of teen boys.

Boy Talk: Having The Conversations That Matter With Our Sons


Tweet How to open the lines of communication in one of the most important relationships in your life. It was such a simple exchange that started right after I completed a long, thoughtful conversation with a friend via phone. But when my nine-year old son asked me a weighty question, I knew it would perpetually […]

Demean In: Are Women Sabotaging Me From Leaning In?

susie meister

Men have never questioned MTV star Susie Meister’s career goals, but plenty of other women have.