Why My Son’s Father Will Always Come First

My son’s father will come first because without him, we wouldn’t have our son.

The Unlikely Origins of Modern Mommy Shaming: The Health Movement of the 1970s

Striving to be an Earth Mother Goddess isn’t particularly liberating. We seem to have replaced Doctor God with an equally demanding deity: Mother Nature.

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Germaine Greer on Elton John and David Furnish: The Mother of all Rumors

Who knows what Elton John and David Furnish’s kids’ birth certificates actually say – and really, is it any of our business?

The Great Big Lesson My Son Had No Idea He Taught Me

Kari Wagner Peck’s son discovered something about himself that even people in their late 30’s have trouble finding.

Is Sherri Shepard Wrongly Being Forced Into Parenthood?

In a Utopian world, no person — male or female —would be forced into parenthood. However, as much as this may seem unfair, we must bear responsibilities for our actions.

100 Words on Love: What Was Built Before You Were Born

I am liberating myself for you to be free.

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Lina Acosta Sandaal on being a reflective parent.

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Raising two special needs boys forced Jenny Kanevsky to innovate by blending the four traditional parenting styles with her own mix of intention, instinct, and flexibility.

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3 Obnoxious Things People Say to Adoptive Parents

Please. Just stop.

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