I Just Want To Be Like You, Dad (Call for Submissions)

Is your son the way you wanted to raise him? Are you the way your father wanted to raise you?

Teaching Boys About Women’s Sexuality—One Brutally Honest Day at a Time

We must teach our boys about the value of women outside of their bodies and the bedroom.

My Son the Graduate

Diane Lowman reflects on motherhood and how boys become men.

Addiction Made Him the Villain—Her Love Made Him King

Sometimes we just refuse to see the truth about those we love the most.

The Luck O’ the Mirish

Mirish is a thing.

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Amma Marfo reflects on her most powerful film experience of the year.

9 Clues I’m Raising a Good Husband (to be)

Renee Davis is not just raising her son to be a fine human being, she is making sure he will be a good husband. Here are the indications she is on the right track.

Confronting the Cynical, This Mom Believes in Paternity Leave and Abolishing Double Standards

Amy Warren Alpert found there were skeptics about fathers taking paternity leave. That was before she had kids. Here is what convinced her they are wrong.

Six Months a Year Without My Kids?

A mother of three explains one of the most difficult challenges handed to her yet.

The Elegance of Abortion Jokes

Quentin Lucas discusses the value in abortion jokes.

GMP Dads Workshop: How to Have a Baby and Still Have Sex!

Sex is a wonderful way to deeply connect and play. But babies can kill your sex life! And left unchecked this can destroy your relationship. Here are 6 things that can help you survive and even thrive through these early times.

A Dad Sounds Off on Women Who Won’t Breast-Feed Due to Fears of Excluding Their Husbands

Nathan Timmel read a piece by a woman who did not want a bonding advantage over her baby’s Dad. “We’ll get over it,” Nathan declares. Here is his argument.

Why My Son’s Father Will Always Come First

My son’s father will come first because without him, we wouldn’t have our son.

The Unlikely Origins of Modern Mommy Shaming: The Health Movement of the 1970s

Striving to be an Earth Mother Goddess isn’t particularly liberating. We seem to have replaced Doctor God with an equally demanding deity: Mother Nature.

Dear Dad: The One With the ‘Me-Time’ Question

When asked if after-school care should be utilized for his children, a reader turns to ‘Dear Dad’ for advice.

How Raising Boys Has Made Me a Better Mom

I learn as much from my sons as I hope they learn from me