“Caregiver day is a wonderful idea, becase when you love your children, every day is a day you get to be with and celebrate them.”


This is a comment by CJ on the post “What to the Child of Domestic Violence is Father’s Day?”

Mother’s Day, not Father’s Day


In the latest “Love, Recorded,” it’s Mother’s Day, but what about teh fatherz?

Mother’s Day Surprise: Son Buys Mom a House

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“She is the first person that loved me and probably the last woman that will love me till her last breath.”

The Ten Things Moms Need to Know: An Open Letter to Moms from Kid President (Video)

kid president

Looking for a cute video to send to a mom in your life? Kid President has you covered.

27 Books Your Mom Will Love This Mother’s Day


Want to snag a great read for your mom or wife this weekend? Check out our list.

Giving Mother-in-Law Good Rap


Our culture unfortunately stresses the stress of relations between the married children and their in-laws.

Mother’s Day Without Mom

Sasha and Lio walking at Passo Duran

Martin Spinelli, bestselling author of After the Crash, shares 7 bits of wisdom for celebrating Mother’s Day and living every other day after Mom has passed on

The Grace Hotel


A former wedding planner observes the sex trade in Bangkok, as well as efforts to free women and children from prostitution.

Gay Day at Disney Meets the Promise Keepers

Super Q at Gay Pride

Justin Cascio remembers when being out and proud has been a courageous, life-affirming act.

The Way to My Heart is Not With a Power Tool! (Unless it’s a Rib Spreader)


Kenny Bodanis wants to celebrate Father’s Day with something more than a new tool for his garage.

“Unwed people should understand what we take from our parents / childhood into relationships.”


This is a comment by Andy Nichols on the post “What Marriage Means to Me”.

Unlike Dads, Kids Don’t Care Who Hears Them Sing


Kenny Bodanis talks about how adults too easily bury the children they were.

Making My Mom’s Mother’s Day

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Jamie Reidy shares a memory his Mom had forgotten.

Culture: Xzibit’s Mother’s Day Advice

Xzibit ends your Mother’s Day gift purchasing quandary.

Down a Path We Don’t Know Where

John hike

Lisa Hickey looks back on the fears she had and the mistakes she made with her son.

To My Unconditionally Devoted Mother


Jake DiMare reflects on his mom, 5 years after her passing.