The Great Big Lesson My Son Had No Idea He Taught Me


Kari Wagner Peck’s son discovered something about himself that even people in their late 30’s have trouble finding.

How Mother’s Day Went Down in a Home With Two Dads and No Moms


Yesterday was Mother’s Day with two dads who get the question a lot: “Which one of you is the mom?” Here’s how it all went down.

Mothers Day & Piers Morgan: The Dads & Families Podcast Episode 62


Mothers Day is here again, and Piers Morgan has some choice words about Dad’s.

Recognizing All Your Moms

all the moms

Whether it is your mother, grandmother, aunt, sister, cousin or closest female friend, they all deserve your thanks and gratitude.

An Anthem to Both Mom and Dad on “Mother’s Day”


Anna-Liisa took a realistic look at the contribution of her parents and found each was far more important than to be segmented off to their own holiday. So she honors them both today, as she will on “Father’s Day” with an anthem from the heart. Here it is.

Mothers and Sons—in Pictures

Belly Dancer Photo

A Happy Mother’s Day Card from The Good Men Project.

Screw Flowers: 65 Things Your Mom Actually Wants For Mother’s Day

mother and son

Get brain freeze when you try to think of something really special for Mom? She really DOESN’T have everything.

Dad Cartoon Celebrates the Day of Mothering!

mothersday trailer gmp

It is “Mothers Day” in the Boys in the Burbs home !

With All Due Respect: Fu*k Mother’s Day

newborn baby

Motherhood requires far more than successfully giving birth.

Oh Father, Where Art Thou?

Oh Father

On this Mother’s Day, Lisa Duggan asks an unusual question; where are all the Dads? _______ (Excerpted from The Good Mother Myth, by Avital Norman Nathman.) In my early days of motherhood, I would often go hours without uttering a single recognizable word, or hearing another adult’s voice—save that of my husband’s. I cooed. I […]

100 Words on Love: My Mom, Bernadette

Bernadette Tuton

Her time here is tenuous.

A Mother’s Day Card to Dads Who Mother


For some our parenting holidays fall squarely into a two isolated gender philosophy based on physical characteristics. Here is a tribute to all who provide nurture and mothering to their families.

There’s Nothing Like a Mother’s Love


Shaping children into adults isn’t easy. It takes a loving heart, a clear head, a steady hand, and endless patience. And an arsenal of quotes.

Mothers and Sons: a Call for Submissions

Mothers and Sons by Various

We’re looking for a few good photographs …

Mother’s Day Approaches: 32 Unusual Suggestions Await You


Looking for a Mother’s Day gift? Jesse Kornbluth has 32 unique ideas for you.

A Gentlemen’s Guide to the Colored Gem Trifecta


Do you have someone you’re gift-shopping for? Here’s what you need to know before you buy.