Homophobia’s Cruel Mothers Day

There is no love greater than that within the heart of a present and abiding parent. When that love is shattered, and the heart breaks, the only thing the rest of us can say is — we will never let this happen again.

My Mother’s Day Meltdown

What my new baby teaches me about letting go.

Mama — Because of You, I am the Man I am Today

Zareh Zurabyan celebrates his mother every day.

Cornbread and Buttermilk – A Tribute to Mom

Cornbread and Buttermilk – A Tribute to Mom

Guys, Your Mother is Like a Cup of Coffee

I love coffee. Today, I am drinking my coffee in honor of my mother.

Mother’s Day is Selfish! (and Other Gaslighting Techniques)

Why is there always a “woman to blame”—even on Mother’s Day?

How Men Can Help Cope with Infertility on Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day can be the worst for men and women who deal with infertility.

Mother’s Day Cards: What Rhymes with Episiotomy and Breast Pump?

This Mother’s Day, forget the typical greeting card. Tap Ned Hickson to craft the perfect “thank you Mom” sentiment.

Mother’s Day: Love a Person First, Then Love Humanity

As Americans, we want to do Big Things to improve “Humanity.” But we can’t do that unless we learn how to love the humans living right next to us.

When ‘Call Your Mother’ Becomes a Painful, Transformative Experience

His call to his mother was the best and most difficult choice he could have made.


In advance of Mother’s Day, here’s a poem from Christopher Nelson which celebrates beauty and a son’s love for his mom. It’s also one of those poems that makes you go “Oh!” at the end.

Her Universe and Hot Topic Team Up For Stunning New Star Wars: The Force Awakens Fashion Collection

Collection features designs by winners of the Her Universe Fashion Show at Comic-Con International 2015!

Every Man has a Mother and Her Day is Coming

If you’ve got a mother or a wife and kids, chances are this won’t be your first time around the Mother’s Day block.

20 Things I Wish More People Understood About Losing a Parent as a Kid

Please don’t tell us to “get over it.”

The Great Big Lesson My Son Had No Idea He Taught Me

Kari Wagner Peck’s son discovered something about himself that even people in their late 30’s have trouble finding.

How Mother’s Day Went Down in a Home With Two Dads and No Moms

Yesterday was Mother’s Day with two dads who get the question a lot: “Which one of you is the mom?” Here’s how it all went down.