Fighting Evil to Equal Rights, Emma Watson is an Exceptional Muggle!

Emma Watson

From fighting Lord Voldemort and his evil followers to championing equal human rights for women, girls, men and boys, Emma Watson has joined a critical fight, and not a moment too soon.

Ditch the Cover: A Dad’s Feelings on Open-Air Breastfeeding

Ditch the Cover: A Dad’s Feelings on Open-Air Breastfeeding

Joel Gratcyk doesn’t understand why certain parents have objections to mothers who breastfeed without covering themselves first.

Bated Breath


David Winner on the rules for oxygen under hospice care and the still moments in his mother’s final days.

A Letter To My Future Son: Don’t Let One Girl Ruin Every Other Girl For You


A woman wrote a brilliant letter about heartbreak that all men, young and old, should read.

Why It Doesn’t Matter What You Think About Breastfeeding in Public

Why It Doesn't Matter What You Think About Breastfeeding in Public

There are several recurring arguments people bring up against a mother’s right to breastfeed in public. Scott Posey disagrees with them all.

Are Women Better Parents? Science Says Both Sexes Have Equal Parental Instincts


Stephanie Hayes says it’s time to give both mom and dad equal credit when it comes to parental intuition.

Eminem’s ‘Headlights,’ Mothers, Sons, and Forgiveness


Why did Eminem’s latest track blow up? Brandy Pettigrew has some thoughts on the subject.

Real Life Love: When His Mother Left Him With Unmet Needs

unmet needs

The phrase “mommy issues” doesn’t acknowledge the pain involved. Heather Gray knows this and speaks directly to couples affected.

When It Comes To Respecting Women, The Key Is Raising Our Sons Differently


A young female writer is fed up with the behavior of many men of her generation. Her solution? Change the way mothers will raise the next wave of men.

Bloody Mother’s Day


“My mother and I are bound, as it should be, in both clumsiness and blood,” writes N.C. Harrison.

The Mommy Effect (Guante) [Video]

guante mommy effect

Spoken word artist Guante on what “…the Pentagon calls ‘The Mommy Effect'”.

How His Mama Made Him


On Mother’s Day, John Q. Gay thinks about the man his partner is, and how it’s his mother’s fault.

A Mother’s Day Gift: My Son, The Prom, And the Lesson He Taught Me

Anticipation photo by Joris Louwes

“Live is meant to be lived.” Lisa Levey’s son taught her the lessons he himself learned from trying and failing. And that is the best mother’s day gift of all.

For My Mothers


Cory Call thinks there might be more than one mother you should be keeping in your thoughts.

The Modern Father

the modern father-Lies Thru a Lens-flickr

I want to honor these dads. I want to honor them back because they have been honoring us.

Stir-Fry Love: Cooking with Mom

The Wok

With Mother’s Day approaching, Ryan Chin remembers cooking with his mother as he prepares a meal for his own family in her wok.