Brilliant but Lazy: Helping Your Underachieving Son to Succeed

Brilliant but Lazy

How do you motivate your underachiever when you know he has the potential to succeed in life?

Michael Jordan’s Thoughts Illustrated by Penguins, Ants and Crabs

Talent wins games. Teamwork wins championships.

Inspiring and funny little videos show how men can be better by working in groups.

“What is the difference between conscious persistence and mindless compulsion?”


This post by John on the post The Superpower You Already Have

3 Good Things About Shame


Despite popular spirituality and political correctness trends which condemn shaming, Jacob Nordby wonders if we have forsaken a vital guide

Low Temperatures, High Motivations


How do you train to race when it’s too cold to even step outside? Max White talks about what it’s like to run in New England winters.

Get Out of the Comfort Zone and Dare to Dream

Confort zone Dare to Dream

How finding the ability to dream again might help us to live better.

Are You Going To Baby Yourself Forever? If You Don’t Change Now, You Never Will

baby yourself

Paul Hudson has some commonsense advice about getting unstuck.

The John Lennon Weight Loss Solution


James Fell talks about the myth of the quick fix and offers practical tips to get on a sustainable track to better health.

Soul Bites: You are the Temple

dalai lama

It really is this simple.

i run in the dark

Wolfgang Brolley

Wolfgang Brolley – on running with the creatures of the night.

Don’t Know What You Got Till It’s Gone


Tom Keifer on the illness that almost cost him his career and his long struggle back.

You Are Not Alone

you are not alone2

A letter from motivational speaker Richard Taylor

Ode to Failure

Ode to Failure

Just because you have a failure doesn’t mean you are one.

Stepping Away From Tragedy

stepping from tragedy

We’re all recovering from something, but that’s okay. Just keep stepping.

Teachings Toward Manhood


Tweet Continuing with the theme of  young men growing up, and in preparation for an upcoming, publicized Google+ Chat on the topic on 8/20, we are sharing the work of one of the participants of that upcoming chat: Idris Webster On the way to manhood, what are the valuable lessons that you’ve learned? Idris knows […]

The Superpower You Already Have


It’s bred into your blood for literally a hundred thousand generations. Use it.