Creating a System of Success and Self-Awareness


Success is about passion, practice, and performance, and will only come when you grant yourself permission to be extraordinary.

Making Yourself Work


Leo Babauta has some suggestions on how to overcome the fear and show up for yourself every day.

Bring Your ‘A’ Game Bro

a-game-shaun-fritz ahlefeldt-laurvig

Shaun Williams challenged men to bring their ‘A’ game to places besides work and competition.

Grandma Made Me Travel

Grandma made me travel m01229:Flickr

My grandma made me live mostly out of a back pack since 1996.

Five Lessons Learned From a Lost FitBit


Dillan DiGiovanni thinks exercise is good, especially when you have plastic toys to encourage you.

If You Want to Change the World, Start By Making Your Bed

U.S. Navy Admiral William H. McRaven

In his commencement speech at the University of Texas-Austin, U.S. Navy Admiral William H. McRaven gives some unusual – an unusually inspirational – advice for all of us.

How To Be a Leader From Within


Jose Aviles is working on building the leaders of tomorrow, starting with focusing on others.

Long Term Motivation in an Instant Gratification World

long time

Orin J. Hahn on the big thoughts behind making life meaningful.

Brilliant but Lazy: Helping Your Underachieving Son to Succeed

Brilliant but Lazy

How do you motivate your underachiever when you know he has the potential to succeed in life?

Michael Jordan’s Thoughts Illustrated by Penguins, Ants and Crabs

Talent wins games. Teamwork wins championships.

Inspiring and funny little videos show how men can be better by working in groups.

“What is the difference between conscious persistence and mindless compulsion?”


This post by John on the post The Superpower You Already Have

3 Good Things About Shame


Despite popular spirituality and political correctness trends which condemn shaming, Jacob Nordby wonders if we have forsaken a vital guide

Low Temperatures, High Motivations


How do you train to race when it’s too cold to even step outside? Max White talks about what it’s like to run in New England winters.

Get Out of the Comfort Zone and Dare to Dream

Confort zone Dare to Dream

How finding the ability to dream again might help us to live better.

Are You Going To Baby Yourself Forever? If You Don’t Change Now, You Never Will

baby yourself

Paul Hudson has some commonsense advice about getting unstuck.

The John Lennon Weight Loss Solution


James Fell talks about the myth of the quick fix and offers practical tips to get on a sustainable track to better health.