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Freedom and being free and far from the same

7 Things You Can Do To Instantly Feel More Confident


Self-confidence has a direct bearing on how successful you are and how good you feel about yourself.

Embrace Your Fear: 5 Reasons to Stop Living Small

flying leap live bravely

Dan Mahle would rather fail miserably than be stuck in the choke-hold of fear and shame.

4 Myths That Keep You From Living Fully and Fearlessly


“It’s not just about constantly praising ourselves, talking ourselves up and telling ourselves how awesome we are. It’s about loving the REAL us.”

How to Defeat Failure in 60 Seconds (Video)


Failure, we all have experienced it! This video shows you how to defeat failure in 60 seconds.

Your Laziness Will Kill Your Marriage


Marriage requires sacrifice. But most people are lazy, self-centered idiots.

Are Your Words Making You Sick?

your words making sick pennuja:Flickr

Do you speak to your body in ways that will enhance your health?

You Really are the Best

flower in the light Rocpoc:Flickr

Simple things bring aware realizations. Aware realizations propel you toward your best.

5 Awesome Side Effects of Becoming a Dad

5 Side Effects of Becoming a Dad

Kevin Sterling lists the five best things that improved about himself once he realized that he was going to be a dad.

When The One Who Got Away Found Me On Facebook

facebook on the beach mkhmarketing:Flickr

She reached out from another lifetime, and tapped me on the shoulder through the time-travel machine that lets old flames find each other: Facebook.

7 Essential Life-Lessons Learned at Age 66

runner Georgie Pauwels:flickr

Jed Diamond learned about love and life by running his first marathon.

If You Don’t Know Why You’re Doing It, What Are You Even Doing?


In life, we can often get caught up the motions and forget what we’re doing. Josh Eferighe offers us two answers as to how to fix this.

Your Fitness Funk is Contagious!

Fitness funk contagious GMP

Brett Hoebel has trained everyone from Victoria’s Secret models to everyday fitness enthusiasts. He’s noticed one glaring truth: fitness funks are contagious. Here’s the scoop.

An Invaluable Professor Makes it Easy to Ask Questions

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First year student meets first year professor. The results last for life.