We Learn What We Feel

What motivates us to learn new things? It all comes down to how we feel about that which we wish to learn.

Reflections with Jack Canfield

In this episode of The Good Dad Project Podcast, Larry Hagner distills the wisdom of ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul’ author Jack Canfield.

4 Motivation Killers and How to Overcome Them

Yuri Elkaim explains how men can overcome their perceived hurdles and achieve their fitness dreams.

How to Get the Kind Of Arms Women Want to be Held By

Strong, powerful arms – that’s what we want. It’s what most women want in a man too, apparently.

Why We’re All Better Off When Men Claim Their Dreams & Destiny

What are we missing out on when so many of us are simply surviving, not thriving?

The Simple Phrase that Inspires This Dad to Run

This is not a story about weight loss. This is simply about one dad’s motivation to get through his workout.

This is How to Recapture Your Energy

When life gets to you, it is time to get back your groove.

A Collection of Take Away

The masculine eye finds big connections in the little details.

Thanks Coach – for Teaching Me it’s OK to be an Outsider

I learned that being different can be normal.

How to Prevail Over The Paralyzing Post-Divorce Failure Emotional Cocktail

Divorce has hit and in the aftermath, leaves a feeling all its own. How do you get out of it? Bill Douglas has some ideas.

He Returns After a Spell

Is this the death of a community?

How to Set and Accomplish SMART Goals as a Dad

How are you doing with your 2016 resolutions? Here’s a way to ensure you accomplish your goals for the year.

Two Words That Are Getting in the Way of Your Happiness

When you say this one phrase, you’re denying yourself the opportunity for a second chance or a second act.

Nature, Future, and Man

One clear thought leads to another and ends in sweetness.

Winter Gluttony Down the Jersey Shore

Is there anything that can overcome an evil companion?

Home Brew Makes a Man Content in Community

The heat of community work can light the way home.