5 Things I’ve Learned About Motivating Myself and Achieving My Dreams

finish line

Joe Rutland understands that even at 50 years old chasing dreams is possible and noble.

The Senseless Sense


Soul and spirit, sense and the senses are there more lines than the shores shifting sands?

#GMPChat: Men Goals and Motivation

Good Cops #GMPChat-2

Are you setting realistic goals to get results for 2015? Our #GMPChat with Dale Thomas Vaughn will get you motivated to set healthy goals that get results.

How I Jumped…and You Can, Too


Dillan DiGiovanni talks personal leaps, what holds people back, and how to jump forward.

Lessons from a Man Who Conquered Cancer for 57 Years


When Mark Crooks, PhD, endured disfiguring cancer at age eight, he toughened up and battled a pernicious disease for the rest of his life. In spite of four recurrences, he thrived for the next 57 years.

On Leadership and Truth

Leadership Ahead

“I want to work for someone that never tells me the truth,” said no employee…ever.

Why 6-Week Goals are More Motivating than Your Resolutions

photo from death to stock photo

5 Reasons why 6-week goals are better than 52-week goals

Poetry in Exile


Nature inspires us all. Even in the cold confines of Prison.

Signs of Life

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Open heart, open mind, open to what signs of life may come

Before You Make A New Year’s Resolution, Consider This

resolution consider this

With New Year’s eve quickly approaching, the time of “fresh starts” and “resolutions” leads many to consider starting a new diet.

Charlie Chaplin’s Love Yourself Manifesto


Comedian and social visionary, Charlie Chaplin shared a manifesto of love, and possibly life too.

Three and a Half Words That Will Make You an Exceptional Lover and Leader

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Big stuff, like love and careers, can get scary. But these three and a half words give you the courage to be great!

Man Makes Magical Waves


Or is he made from wave magic?

Stick or Carrot – Which Approach Really Motivates More?

donkey and carrot

Feeling a little blah about your to-do list or even your life goals? Stop beating yourself up.

We are Social Creatures

social creature feature

So let’s go with the flow

Mercadinho or A Little Market

shore shack

Life is a Choose Your Own Adventure story