Riding Motorcycles With My Old Man

On that trip our bikes were both going on the same journey, in the same direction. There was no competition. We just got up in the morning and rode. We were at peace.

Forks: A Quest for Culture, Cuisine and Connection

Why did Allan Karl sell nearly everything he owned, pack up, and travel the world for three years – alone – on a motorcycle?

The End of Invincible

Shawn Phillips had a choice: crash his Harley on purpose or fall to his death.

You’re Called “Dirty” While Stopping for Coffee. What do you do?

Luc Perreault wrote an open letter to one mother in a red SUV but everyone needs to hear what he has to say.

A Man, His Machines and a Mishap

The bond between a man and his machines can be unbreakable.

Ten Seconds Dead

Ten seconds—that’s how long Jonathan Footerman was dead after he flew over the handlebars of his motorcycle.


Chris Wiewiora is constantly aware of being compared to ‘the old Chris’—his new girlfriend’s previous boyfriend.

Dear John: A Guest Who Brings a Lot of Baggage

An old secret threatens a marriage, a girlfriend won’t open up about changes in her life, and a father of three suddenly wants a motorcycle.

Meet a Bladesmith Whose Last Name Is Shanks … For Real

Forging could be considered the second oldest profession in the world, but for outlaw biker Terry Shanks forging has become a spiritual discipline.

Model Citizen

As an expression of his love, Jack Harper improves upon exotic cars.

Motorcycles Empower Vietnam’s Women

Cameron Conaway endures jeers and glares as he tours Saigon on the back of a motorcycle driven by a female tour guide.

Two Guys on a Scooter march 3

Two Guys on a Scooter march 3

Mexican Motocross Disaster

Tommy Stoilkovich thought the scariest part of entering the Tecate 250 Enduro Race in Mexico would be the competition.

The Myth of the Macho Motorcycle Man

Not every guy on a motorcycle is going through a mid-life crisis.