Touch – Part 3

touch 3 photo ARNue

We never know to what, where, or whom an event will lead us.

What Mourning for Philip Seymour Hoffman Means to Me

AP Photo: Chris Pizello

Why does it sometimes feel like mourning the death of a celebrity diminishes the deaths of others? Alex Steed explores his grief.

Across the Universe: Dealing With Death as an Atheist

photo by overgraeme

After the sudden, unexpected death of a friend Chris Hicke grapples with what it means to be an atheist.

I’ve Begun to Understand That Moment With George Bush


Jedah Mayberry was just about to start a sales presentation when he found out a co-worker and team member had died. What do you think you would have done next?

How To Get Over a Breakup in 5 Steps

Good Men Project, How to Get Over a Breakup in Five Steps, K Thompson, Breakups, Relationship Advice,

While breakups can be brutal, K Thompson has your back. Here are some simple strategies for getting over the heartache

A Pearl Harbor Survivor Remembered


Doss Thornton survived Pearl Harbor despite being in the belly of an ammunition ship.

Killswitch Engage’s ‘Always’ – An Honest Look at Brotherhood

KSE photo

Jared Dewing stands the hairs on your neck up with his story behind the story.

10 Tips: Divorce For Grownups


A straightforward plan to heal from a divorce.

Overwhelming Turnout for Vigil for Boy Killed in Bombing (PHOTO)


A photo from Liam Day’s Twitter shows the incredible turnout for the vigil.

Daddy, I Miss Her


Writer Jason Fisk tries to explain to his daughter what he doesn’t understand about God and death

Transgender Day of Remembrance


Remembering our dead.

When Relief Trumps Grief


How a father’s sudden death released a son’s true feelings about him, feelings he still struggles to let go of.

Out of the Cradle


The gifts from one’s parents include passions and observations that communicate—and finally become—character and identity.

Whose Life Is This?


Keith Doyle, a man with second sight and precognitive dreams sees pregnancy, and abortion, in a different light.

Facebook Ghosts

Facebook memorial

When someone dies, should their Facebook page go on without them?

My Many Near Death Experiences

Photo by Shutterstock

The tombstones remind us: we all suffer, we all triumph. We all die.