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Being present for others during their time of need can lessen your own pain

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GMP Dad’s Workshop— How to Handle Miscarriages When You are the Dad

Miscarriages happen all the time and they are awful. Dads often stand back feeling powerless, but this can make it a lot worse. Here are four things we can do to support ourselves and our partners through the devastation of miscarriages.

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Stupid Things That Caring People Say About Grief

Grief is a deeply personal process.  Common clichés do more harm than good. How to help men grieve. Many people have not lost someone close. They haven’t experienced grief, so they say things that make men who are grieving feel worse. They make us not want to share anything with them. What we need is […]

This Dad Rode 545 Miles For Gay Son Who Died Before He Could

When David Flannigan lost his son to AIDS, he decided to honor him, one mile at a time.

A Cool Mountain Mourning

Maybe I gasped, maybe I cursed. I don’t remember. But I do remember looking at my infant son’s face as I felt life and death slam together in a disorienting collision.

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An Open Letter to Steph, Who Sent a Sky Lantern to Her Father, Which Landed in My Driveway

Matt Mikalatos found a touching note written from a daughter to a father. As a father himself, this is his response…

Lapping Over Us

Laura Foley’s poem works to come to terms with loss by juxtaposing the language of dreams with one stark, unforgettable image.

Not Every Break Up Should Leave You Broken

Not every relationship ends with happily ever after. But not every break up needs to break your heart either.