Why I Did the Ice Bucket Challenge…and Why None of Us Should Have Had To

“The Ice Bucket Challenge should help make us aware of the political structures around us and the ways in which they are massively failing, but it shouldn’t be serve as an excuse not to be charitable,” writes economics PhD student Ben Labe.

7 Steps to Kicking Procrastination in the Ass

Psychologist Sandy Peace offers 7 steps that will help you kick procrastination in the ass!

Why I Love (Good) Big Bad Guys…And Why You Should, Too

N.C. Harrison sings the praises of the massive, powerful bad guys who force our fictional heroes to rise to the occasion.

This is Your Summer Slam 2014 Preview

Jim Jividen breaks down this year’s Summer Slam, and in the process ranks every Summer Slam in history.

What I Learned from Native American Ghosts

“Twenty thousand light years from earth, one looking at the escaped light would see those paleo-Indians as if they were the ones living today. Twenty thousand years from now, I will be nothing more than a ghost on the galactic wind,” writes N.C. Harrison.

Why “Born This Way” is a Bad Defense That We Need to Stop Depending on

“It does not matter whether our activities are informed by an element of choice or biology, only that we exist and that we are happy and fulfilled in our lives,” writes Angelus Morningstar.

Here’s What You Need to Know About Hell

Seminary graduate N. C. Harrison discusses the enduring concept of hell.

Here’s What You Need to Know About the Colonial History of (De)criminalising Homosexuality

Angelus Morningstar discusses how the entanglement of LGBTI rights with globalization and imperialism continues to present problems in countries such as Uganda.

Why We Must Move Beyond Condoms and into Cultures of Desire

“Messages that focus solely on condom use do not engage with the psychological and social issues that inflame people’s desires to engage in risk-taking behaviour,” writes Angelus Morningstar.

Movies Guys Should Watch (Seriously!): Michelangelo Antonioni’s The Passenger

Film critic John Ryan Powell examines a haunting, underrated classic that forces us to come to terms with our isolation and futility.

How I Discovered the Secret Ingredient to Being a Good Man by Watching Doctor Who

“To love radically and wholly, invested fully in something that is not the self, creates a greater thing than the ego could ever imagine,” writes science fiction fan N.C. Harrison.

Queer Polyamory and the Challenges of Male Privilege

Angelus Morningstar explains how queer polyamory challenges ingrained behaviors of masculine dominance within same-sex relationships.

Why We Must Listen to Our Emotions (Or Else!)

“When we face our emotions, we can learn what they are trying to tell us about what we need and value,” writes psychologist Sandy Peace.

How to Save Your Relationship Before It’s Over…Forever

“If you can create a teamwork attitude towards meeting your common needs, there is the potential to strengthen your connection and save your relationship,” explains psychologist Sandy Peace.

The Nuances of Consent and How Some Men Are Trained to Ignore Them

“When men are unaware of their gender privilege, boundary violations occur,” writes psychologist Sandy Peace.

Solo Polyamory: Isn’t That Just Dating?

Psychologist Sandy Peace discusses the merits of solo polyamory and the virtues of making your romantic intentions explicit.