Masculinity and Competitiveness: Why I Quit Playing Video Games


Oliver Lee Bateman thought he was immune to the ill effects of competitiveness. Then he got involved in e-gaming.

Face to Face with Sexism in Brooklyn

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Nathan Zimmerman decided to confront sexism head-on…and got thrown out of a bar for his trouble.

How I Saved My Life


Oliver Lee Bateman discusses how he came to terms with his troubled past.

All 47 Super Bowl MVPs Re-Awarded/The Top 25 Performances in Super Bowl History


ESPN game show winner Jim Jividen reevaluates all of the 47 Super Bowl MVP performances and determines who really should have won each award.

A Man, Just Not That Manly


“We’re all human and can embody any of the spectrum of gendered behaviors at any time,” argues N.C. Harrison.

Richard Sherman and the 2014 Royal Rumble


Jim Jividen explains how Richard Sherman’s amazing postgame promo made him the wrestling villain of the week…and previews the Royal Rumble, too.

Baptism and New Beginnings


Seminary graduate N.C. Harrison reflects on the emotions engendered by his god-daughter’s recent baptism.

The San Francisco 49ers Complete NFC Championship Game History


Longtime 49ers fan and ESPN game show winner Jim Jividen recaps his team’s 14 prior NFC Championship Game appearances as the team prepares for its 15th.

Brother vs. Brother: A Conversation about the NFC Championship Game


ESPN game show winner Jim Jividen and his longtime friend Kirk Hiner discuss the raw emotions that accompany the upcoming game between their favorite teams.

The Prison of Memory: Forgetting to Forgive


Historian Oliver Lee Bateman unpacks his own complicated memories.

Why Can’t We Just Be Friends?


N.C. Harrison reflects on his lengthy, comfortable stay in the friend zone.

I See Fire: Reflections on The Hobbit


N.C. Harrison examines the anti-materialistic message of the second installment of Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit.

Life: I’m in It for the Long Haul


As a favor to those he loves, powerlifter N.C. Harrison is going to start training for the long haul.

Dusty Rhodes, the American Everyman


Oliver Lee Bateman examines one of the most poignant interviews in pro wrestling history, Dusty Rhodes’ “hard times” monologue about working-class masculinity.

The Loneliness of the Above Average Man


What can a cartoon character like former WWE superstar “Ravishing” Rick Rude teach us about masculinity?

Funny Girls: I’m in Love


“If you make me laugh, I’ll fall in love with you,” writes N.C. Harrison.