10 Must-See Movies for Creative Guys

A surprising list of films that will spark your imagination.

Romeo: The Ultimate Good Man Hoax

Jessica Lahitou on some of the pervading notions on a romantic, ideal man, and how they surface and can be explained in Baz Luhrmann’s adaptation of the classic “Romeo and Juliet”.

6 Times in History I Wouldn’t Mind Being Stuck, if I Couldn’t Get Back to the Future

Patrick Sallee was a huge fan of Back to the Future when he was a kid. Now, on the 30th anniversary, he’s contemplating time travel himself. #Ad

A Man’s Guide to Finding True Purpose in Life

These 10 questions help you live and give from your authentic self.

9 Little Known Movies That Will Rock Your Masculine World

Author Jay Cradeur shares his most influential masculine movies that you probably have not seen. Each of these hidden gems grossed less than $30 Million.

A Man’s Priorities: Why I’d Marry Rick Moranis

Brian Anderson praises Rick Moranis’ comedic genius and top notch parenting choices.

Why Do Americans Love “Jurassic World”?

Jurassic World is officially the biggest blockbuster of Summer 2015… and it doesn’t deserve that distinction at all. It’s official – “Jurassic World” is the highest grossing film of Summer 2015. And I couldn’t be more  confused. Make no mistake about it, I get the anticipation. The “Jurassic Park” movies were a staple of my […]

Movie Memes for Dads and Husbands

Rethinking Classic Movie Scenes Through a Family Lens

Starship Troopers Requires More Than One Viewing To Get A True Understanding

Rich Monetti collects more than a fantastical adventure from the movie “Starship Troopers”.

The Japanese Version of Godzilla Is an “A” Movie with Bite

Rich Monetti says the comical, B-movie farce is actually a brilliant piece of political commentary.

“Do the Men of Magic Mike XXL Surprise You? “

Pride parades, hanging out naked, talking about their diets. Maybe these guys aren’t what you’d expect.

Pizza Hut Just Reinvented Movie Night

You order a pizza, and a movie projector comes with it. Can you top that?

‘Blue Ruin’ Makes a Comeback in Rental

James Holcomb reviews a missed gem in cinema.

The Best Superhero Movie, You May Not Have Seen

If you haven’t seen ‘Unbreakable’ you are missing a Superhero Gem. Not to worry, you can still catch Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson on Blue-Ray and Netflix.

In The Name of.. Netflix. What Not to Watch, This Summer.

‘Guy Movies’ abound on Netflix this summer. James Holcomb reviews one Trilogy that isn’t worth the flix-a-thon.