Anti-Semitism, Caitlyn Jenner, and the Insecure Male

One of the Internet’s most popular Men’s Rights Activists is blaming the positive media coverage of Caitlyn Jenner on the Jews. Yes, you read that correctly.

On the Curious Dialectic of the Men’s Rights Movement

Jeremy Brunger deconstructs the Men’s Rights Movement, piece by twisted piece.

What’s Wrong With “Taking the Red Pill”

Harris O’Malley explains that the appeal of the Red Pill ethos is simple; it’s all about taking someone who feels they have little power and convincing them that they have the only way to get power.

Why I’m Pissed Off At Men’s Rights Activists— Chris

MRAs disgust Chris Hicke, and here’s why.

The Fatal Flaw of Men’s Rights Activists

The men’s rights movement is a reactionary, desperate attempt to hold onto social and political power.

The Problem of “Men’s Rights” and Child Support

So-called Men’s Rights groups think of child support as a charge women impose on men. Edwin Lyngar’s experience didn’t resemble their ideas at all.

Understanding Men

Harris O’Malley insists that our understanding of masculinity today is a bubbling stew of misunderstandings, ignorance and anxieties.

“Black Rage” and “Self-Restraint”

How do you dismiss a black man’s argument? You call him angry.

Regarding the Suppression of Men’s Issues

Mark Greene believes our male cultural history, the steps we took to get here, make ignoring boys and men as victims a likely outcome.

A Rant

I’ve been reading the blogs and Reddits of people who hate me lately, and all of this has bubbled up in the form of a rant! To wit: YES I AM A FUCKING FEMINIST. I am not sure what I have to do to CONVEY this message to some people. Interpretive dance? Commission a plane […]

Against the Violence Against Women Act?

Noah Brand investigates VAWA for himself, and discovers that it allows for equal protection under the law of all victims of domestic violence – regardless of gender or sexual orientation.

“The total of people who speak out and call themselves feminists get to define what feminism is.”.

This comment was from Justin Cascio, responding to other commenters on his post “5 Ways Feminism Helps Men.”

Is Creep-Shaming Real?

Joanna Schroeder believes that comparing the word “slut” with the word “creep” is a false equivalence. But that doesn’t mean she thinks calling guys creeps is okay.

The Retributive Nature of ‘Girl Power’

Joanna Schroeder thinks there was a time when Girl Power was necessary, but believes now we should be promoting Kid Power.

There Is No Gender War

Noah Brand makes the case for a non-adversarial model of gender.


Julie Gillis, on egalitarianism and why feminist women listen to men.