Why I’m More Afraid of My Annual PSA Test than the Digital Rectal Exam

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As Men, Do We Let a Little Discomfort Keep Us From  Getting Our Prostate Checked? O.K., guys can we talk about the prostate?  Yes, that mysterious gland that all guys possess, but few of us want to discuss.  A quick look at WebMD gives us a clear picture of what we’re talking about:   The […]

My Long Education in the Meaning of Gratitude

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After facing his own serious illness, Eirik Rogers sends up gratitude to the king of grace-at-the-end: Lou Gehrig.

“Boys learn that people don’t respect them if they have to sympathize with them.”


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Science: New Technology Installs Knowledge Into Your Brain [#future]

Go deeper and always try to be your best with a new technological innovation that digitally implants ideas in your mind.