‘Tis the Season for Gender Stereotypes


Making a list and checking it twice? Is it “naughty or nice” or “girl toys and boy toys”? Laci Green breaks down a big problem with the holiday season.

The Loss of Positive Male Role Models and Educational Priorities in the U.S.

male education, United States education, classroom

During the 1950s, the scientist was the hero of our movies, saving us from space aliens and mutant insects. Why have our collective goals shifted away from educated men as role models?

Hip Hop Archive: MTV Killed Hip-Hop


The writer once wrote about hip-hop. In this piece, we look back at how he strongly felt about MTV’s drift from hip-hop programing.

1996: Guyhood … The Early Years (Part II)

White House, AIDS, AIDS Quilt, Names Project, Washington D.C., National Mall

The last full viewing of the AIDS Quilt is among the many events within the second half of 1996–your childhood.

Awkwardly Flipping the Script on Bumbling Dads


N.C. Harrison examines a sitcom in which the father figure isn’t portrayed as a bumbling doofus.

The Philly Drummer Boy: A Carol of Drums

photo (14)

Drumming in the snow, drumming night and day, playing different grooves and fills along the way. Bells on cymbals ring, making spirits bright, oh what fun is to play the drums all day and night!

Scorpions Release MTV Unplugged Set

Scorpions_MTVUplugged_2_Torsten Hilse

Hard rock legends strip it down for new album.

The Good Men Playlist: Songs I Hate to Love (As Far as You Know)

guilty pleasures playlist

Does Pat Brothwell’s guilty pleasures playlist match yours?

Call for Submissions From the New Arts and Entertainment Editor

Robin Thicke 3

James Stafford, the Good Men Project’s new Arts and Entertainment editor, wants to read your stories.

Can We Stop With the “Men Think About Sex All The Time” Studies?


Kate Conway is sick of all the studies about how often men think about sex, and wonders, does it even matter?

2013: The Half-Year in Review

Podcasts Image - Emily Traynor

MTV Road Rules alum Susie Meister and history professor/GMP blogger Oliver Lee Bateman recap the half-year that was.

Maybe We Aren’t Crushing the Spirit or Future of the Young Millennials After All

photo by husin sani

Rob Zidar finds a lot to be positive about in the recent MTV study of Millennials

The Meister Piece: Nadia Comaneci


MTV’s Susie Meister speaks with gymnastics legend Nadia Comaneci, the first woman to score a perfect 10 in Olympic competition.

May Must Reads


Need some summer reads? Check out all of the up and coming books you can’t miss.

Why I Decided to Interview the Westboro Baptist Church


Can we learn something from the Westboro Baptist Church? Susie Meister thinks so.

Should We Forgive Chris Brown?


By accepting Chris Brown’s apology and consuming his products, are we saying domestic abuse is forgivable?