How to Achieve Happiness Despite Everyday Challenges

Choosing Happiness Achor

Shawn Achor, author of “The Happiness Advantage”, offers 6 strategies for choosing happiness despite life’s challenges.

You Don’t Know Jack About Multiple Sclerosis (MS)


You Don’t Know Jack About MS™ was created for people living with multiple sclerosis (MS) and their loved ones by Jack Osbourne, in partnership with Teva Neuroscience.

7 Unexpected Gifts I Received from My Dis-ease

wheelchair on the beach

Transverse myelitis is no laughing matter, but it’s made room for happiness Hilary Lauren hadn’t had in her life before she got sick.

New Documentary Puts the Visibility in Invisible Illness One Story at a Time

Credit: Invisible: The Film

Sami Jankins provides the first look at a documentary, Invisible: The Film, seeking to bring to light the many faces of invisible illness and chronic pain.

The Multiple Effects of Multiple Sclerosis

multiple photo by woohoopics

Dennis Williams watches as his mother grows weaker from the effects of multiple sclerosis. And he watches her grow stronger at the same time.

Minnesota Wild Goalie Excels Despite Battling Multiple Sclerosis


After seven NHL seasons riding the bench with the Minnesota Wild and being diagnosed recently with Multiple Sclerosis, Josh Harding is on the ice and proving his mettle in the face of adversity.

“Not a New Path”: Josh Harding, NHL Goalie, Plays With MS


Minnesota Wild goalie Josh Harding made 78 saves in the first two games of the NHL Playoffs. Aaron Powers says what’s most remarkable about that is the unpredictability of the disease Harding plays with.

The Cold, Wet Nose of Acceptance

man and his dog

Arthur MacMaster struggles to accept himself as a man with a disability, but his dog doesn’t.

The Will of God?


After an auto accident and a trip to the ER J.R. Reed explores the will of God and the fallibility of modern medicine.

My Angry Rhetoric on Socioeconomic Class, Explained

Photo by jamesfischer

A lay person’s inquiry into what ‘socioeconomic stratification’ means for us all.