Shia LaBeouf Says He Was Raped. Will Anyone Listen?

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Andrew Smiler discusses ways in which male stereotypes make it hard to care that LaBeouf was raped.

Why Did Freddy E Do It? Black Men and Suicide


Why Black men are killing themselves, warning signs, and what to do if you’re worried about someone.

Three People Dead, One Injured In Mall Shooting

Food Court_GMP (588x441)

Another senseless act of violence leaves us wondering why.

Is Football Heroic? Jovan Belcher, Violence, and Masculinity


Is the masculine power the makes football exhilarating, the same destructive force that killed Jovan Belcher and Kasandra Perkins?

Kansas City Chiefs Player Kills Girlfriend and Commits Suicide


A linebacker for the Chiefs shot his girlfriend and then himself at 8 a.m. this morning.