Listen to the Soundtrack of Your Life

The sounds all around you are clues to who you are and what to be grateful for.

A Letter to the First Man in My Life

Louise Thayer lost her father at 16, but she remembers his music—and his love.

David Bowie and My Queer Awakening

Did David Bowie have any idea how many lives he touched, and in how many ways?

Drummer Plays Outside During 2016 Blizzard

Flood the Drummer® presents ‘Blizzard Beats 2016’

My Obsession With Stevie Wonder Will Never Go Away

Art, passion, black culture. Anthony Carter says these are the things dreams are made of.

A Great Book of Victorian Photography…By the Guitarist of Queen?

Jesse Kornbluth reviews A Village Lost and Found by Brian May.

The MLK Song All Our Sons Need to Sing Today

Having kids understand the significance of Martin Luther King is a desire of many parents. Here is a great song that helps that endeavor. Teach it to your sons today.

David Bowie: Artist, Legend, Ally

David Bowie has left behind a legacy that should make everyone ask, “What will my legacy be?”

Tom Petty’s Brilliant Lyrics Tell A Free Fallin’ Guy Story

Author Jay Cradeur explores themes of a man’s life with the words of poet warrior musician Tom Petty (with video links).

5 Things Having a Creative Husband Has Taught Me

To hell with the stereotypical husband. Artistic ones have so much to teach us.

Music Is This Writer’s Constant Companion

Author Jay Cradeur shares his love of music and it’s influence on the creative process.

Eliminating Waste: 3 Ways to Reduce Excessive Spending During the Holidays

Author Jay Cradeur shares a few simple strategies to reduce spending and increase the love you share and feel during the ever-increasing commercialized holiday season.

Trans-Siberian Orchestra In The Front Row

Celebrate the holidays by doing something that really matters. And don’t forget to turn up the volume.

Showboating Drummer Is Having The Time Of His Life

Nothing like a very happy drummer to keep you entertained.

David Bowie “I’m Afraid of Americans”. Still Relevant After All These Years

“I’m Afraid of Americans” was first released as a single in 1997, on David Bowie’s album Earthling. It’s making the rounds on the internet lately, usually with a one-word commentary: “apropos”.

Scott Weiland: Remembering a Beautiful Soul

Trippin’ on a Hole in a Paper Heart