Hip Hop Archive: MTV Killed Hip-Hop


The writer once wrote about hip-hop. In this piece, we look back at how he strongly felt about MTV’s drift from hip-hop programing.

One of the First Bands I Truly Loved Is Breaking Up


Christian Clifton laments hearing the news of the impending break up of one of his all time favorite bands; Anberlin.

New And Old Rappers Alike Pay Homage To Nas’ ‘Illmatic’ In 20th Anniversary Documentary


Nas’ classic album influenced a ton of rappers over the years. Many of them are in this video.

How Long Do You Listen To a Song Before You Dismiss It?


Do you wait for the chorus? The first lyric? Do you even make it past the first note?

What it Means to Love a Musician


“Without music, life would be a mistake.” ~ Friedrich Nietzsche

Rock is Dead? Nobody Told The Pretty Reckless

The Pretty Reckless

Band beats sophomore slump, debuts at #5 with second album.

The Power of Music In War


In a remarkable story, WWII Veteran Jack Leroy Tueller shares an account that shows the power of music in war.

Omar LinX Releases His New Free Single, “Interstellar”


Omar LinX drops his newest free single, before the release of his LP later this year.

Santa Ana’s Burgerama Festival: A Photo Essay


We sent Anne-Marie Shieffer and her camera to cover one of the coolest indie music festivals on the west coast. She came back with some rocking photos.

Butcher Knives’ Debut Album A Must Listen

001 Butcher Knives (c) 2013 Ana Pinto

The New York band’s diverse backgrounds blend into a tasty musical stew.

The Battle Between Ignorant Rap And Savior Hip-Hop And What It Says About Our Society


Conscious rap, or hip-’pop’? The eternal battle for hip-hop heads.

My Father’s Pulse: The Spring Pulse Poetry Festival

Cobalt Lakeshore

Last spring, I attended the Spring Pulse Poetry Festival in Cobalt, Ontario with my father.

Life Lessons For Men From The Classical Composers


Classical music, as much as any other form, is about struggle, pain, and expression. Brian Shea talks about what that means to him.

What is Hip? Confessions of a Neo Maxi Zoom Dweebie


Maybe it’s envy, maybe a generational thing, maybe hubris of a less-than-Hip nature, but Jon Magidsohn freely admits that he feels no pressure to speak Hipsters’ language or follow their politics or wear their clothes or read their blogs or pass their quizzes.

The Good Men Playlist: St. Patrick’s Day Songs

st pattys songs

Wearing your “Irish Drinking Team” shirt won’t make you Irish on St. Patrick’s Day. Pat Brothwell suggests you at least acquaint yourself with Irish music.

This is the Sound of Tree Rings on a Turntable (Video)

tree ring turntable

Tweet “The earth has music for those who listen.”  ― George Santayana — For anyone who has walked through the woods, the idea of nature providing ‘music’ wouldn’t seem so foreign. We rely on nature to intrigue and inspire—a cacophony of creatures, weather and plant life that can relieve us of the burdens of urban […]