It Takes a Long Time To Be Able To Play Like Yourself

‘Miles Ahead’, the excellent newly released Miles Davis biopic, will stay with you long after you leave the movie theater.

From the Club to the Classroom: All That Jazz is Good for the Kids

Jazz in the classroom not only teaches children to play instruments; they may also learn a range of essential life skills.

How Does an Aspiring Professional Musician Make a Sustainable Living?

In this episode of the Starve the Doubts podcast, Matt Gibson and Jared Easley discuss the ins and outs of being a professional musician in today’s world.

Through My Child’s Eyes

This video of a father and his autistic son at a Coldplay concert gives Erin Kelly a lot to think about.

An Instrument that Remade Jazz, Rock, Soul and R&B.

What would your favorite songs be without this?

The Authentic Identity Role Model that was Prince

For black men, Prince set the stage for a different kind of acceptable identity.

Emancipation: A Royalty Tribute to Prince

William Reese, Jr. and friends honor the musical genius of an artist gone too soon.

Music and Recording: A Wild 100 Years or So

The recording medium itself has changed what it means to perform and share music.

From Mecca to Memory

For anyone for whom a music store was home, this film will bring you back.

Musicians, Artists, and Entertainers Have a Home (and a Stage!) on The Good Men Project

We at The Good Men Project love lessons and stories from artists.

What Losing Prince Means to Music

A musical legend is gone, but the music industry may just be letting out a sigh of relief.

Rock’s Quiet Founding Father

Not every rock and roller is loud and in your face.

I Saw a Fragment of My Former Self in The Music Scene

  Patrick J. Dalton sought stability in a life that required pure chaos to maintain. ___ Dedicated to Jorge Orsovay Each one of us may view our lives differently in hindsight as we age. The chronology may not be that smooth linear tarmac we had once so enthusiastically envisioned in our youth. Instead, when we […]

An Unexpected Remake of a Classic Simon & Garfunkel Hit

Disturbed’s vocals and spine-tingling instrumentals will leave you wanting more.

A Glimpse Into the Future of Music

What does the future of music hold?

Has Technology Killed the Guitar?

If a keyboard can play like a guitar, will the guitar continue to lose popularity?