Rock’s Quiet Founding Father

Not every rock and roller is loud and in your face.

I Saw a Fragment of My Former Self in The Music Scene

  Patrick J. Dalton sought stability in a life that required pure chaos to maintain. ___ Dedicated to Jorge Orsovay Each one of us may view our lives differently in hindsight as we age. The chronology may not be that smooth linear tarmac we had once so enthusiastically envisioned in our youth. Instead, when we […]

An Unexpected Remake of a Classic Simon & Garfunkel Hit

Disturbed’s vocals and spine-tingling instrumentals will leave you wanting more.

A Glimpse Into the Future of Music

What does the future of music hold?

Has Technology Killed the Guitar?

If a keyboard can play like a guitar, will the guitar continue to lose popularity?

Prince Is About to Let it All Out

That’s right… Prince is writing a memoir.

The Long, Rich History of an African Art Festival

The first black arts festival was shaped by Cold War politics.

This Drummer is THE Man

Drummer Does A Backflip From One Drum Set To Another In The Middle Of A Drum Solo

These Men Can Dance

Get in formation with this all-male Beyonce dance cover.

How Pop Was Born In West Africa

If you love blues, classic rock, jazz, or modern pop, you owe a debt to West African stringed instruments. Here’s why.

How Sgt. Pepper Got Its Cover

A new theory may explain the true inspiration for the famous album cover.

Jai Uttal on The New Business Model for Musicians

How does one maintain congruency and personal integrity in a world where art, music, and video are so ubiquitous that they have become mere distractions for most people?

The Shatner Album That Is Actually Really Good

There are so many albums out there, it’s easy to miss some good ones. Here’s one you’ve got to listen to.

The True Impact of Spotify

If you’re a music lover, read on.

Can We Talk About Dylan’s Voice?

What is it about Bob Dylan? He defies every expectation of a pop star, and yet packs houses endlessly at the age of 74.

21st-century DJs: Spinning Beyond the Post-Capitalist Dream

What does music say about our consumerist culture?