Comment of the Day: “The income streams of music are changing and the old ways are dying.”


“All the studies show that the largest illegal downloaders of music are also the largest purchasers of music.”  — From Chris Huff, in response to Download This: My Troubled Love Affair with Buying Music: All the studies show that the largest illegal downloaders of music are also the largest purchasers of music. Iggy in that […]

Download This: My Troubled Love Affair with Buying Music

record collection

Jon Magidsohn considers how we get music today and what’s changed since we treasured record collections and copied cassette tapes.

Elvis on the Stairway to Heaven

elvis led zeppelin

Led Zeppelin Meets Elvis, 40 Years Ago

‘Handy’ by Weird Al Yankovic (Video) Gives Praise to Handymen Everywhere


“Weird Al” Yankovic’s new song ‘Handy’ celebrates the handy person in your life.

KISS’ Peter Criss: Rocker and Breast Cancer Survivor


This legendary rock star tells us: You don’t need to be a woman to have breast cancer.

My “Career” as a Rock Star

My Career as a Rockstar photo by Keith Ellwood

Aaron W. Voyles reflects on how commitment created opportunities for what he loves.

He’s Smoking at 80: Leonard Cohen and “Popular Problems”

Screen shot 2014-09-24 at 9.00.52 AM

When you are 80 years old, you are allowed to go slow. Leonard Cohen uses his slowness as a way to sizzle.

‘End of an Empire (Chapter 01:Time)’


Celldweller’s new album will make you wonder why you haven’t been listening to this all along.

Three Times Bad, Really Damn Good

Three Times Bad

This is real music. It’s not manufactured, spun, twisted, plasticked, or prettified. And that’s why it’s so good.

Growing Community of Musician-Advocates Support Men

one blue sstring

One blue string out of six on a guitar. What could the musician mean?

These Songs Sound Different When You Really Know Who Sang Them


You’ve probably heard most of these songs. But when you realize the singers are LGBTQ, they take on a whole different meaning.

Slide Into Happy

Slide Into Happy by Christopher Bill

Take a break and listen to trombonist Christopher Bill’s cover of Pharrell’s “Happy.” Wherever you are, we promise you’ll be dancing.

Never Too Old to Rock and Roll: Interview with Chilliwack Frontman Bill Henderson


Bill Henderson and James Fell have something in common. They both are ‘rock ’til they die’ kind of guys.

They’re All About That Bass

Home Free Vocal Band

It’s a positive message, brought to you by a 5-man a capella group and a female pop singer.

The Only Man I Can Call Totally Cool: J.J. Cale


Remembering JJ – Jesse Kornbluth has some excellent old music for you to check out.

This Dreadlocked Dude’s Musical Stylings Will Astound You. I Promise!

Mike Love

I feel like I’m impressed by very little, and I was especially underwhelmed by the beginning of this video. It thought, “okay another dude trying to beatbox”… But then a friend of mine said “Skip to 4:20 and just hang in there!”