Three Life Lessons Ornette Coleman Taught Me

Teenagers always have someone they look up to, someone they wanna emulate, someone who inspires them.

Separating the Artist from Their Offensive Content

How do you reconcile your personal values with supporting artists whose content promotes a world you don’t want to be part of creating?

Finding Your Voice

Leo Babauta gives great advice to up and coming artists. Find your voice, and shout.

Don’t ‘Fall’ In Love

Falling in love implies a helplessness. And if you fall forever, Mark Radcliffe says, you’ll hit the ground.

One Month of Thankfulness: Bad Album Covers

The joy of the so bad it’s good album cover.

Open Thread: How Well Do You Separate Art and Artist?

You love the work; you hate the person who made it. How do you navigate that?

Rosanne Cash Performs at Folsom State Prison

Forty years after the late musician Johnny Cash performed “Folsom Blues” in the Folsom Prison Library, his daughter returns and meets GMP poet Spoon Jackson.

The Human Jukebox is Mind-Blowing (Video)

Two men play their instruments while people vote to change the style, artist, and speed at which they are playing.

The Day Mrs. Ryan Broke Up Our Rock and Roll Band

In August, 1976, five kids from Northeast Philly were going to be the heroes who saved Rock and Roll.

The Soundtrack of Fatherhood

Let Aphex Twin, The Game and Billy Ray Cyrus guide you on a musical tour of your dadding journey.

“As for the Chris Browns of this world: do we boycott? Do we forgive? Do we allow time?”

These are comments by Eric M. and Christopher on the post “If I Work Out to Chris Brown Music, Am I Supporting an Abuser?”

Phil Collins Saved My Life

Phil Collins expressed the despair and emptiness of millions of listeners, and convinced at least one lonely teenager that his pain could also be channeled into something beautiful.

The History of Wooing Women

We’ve featured CDZA before, they’re an immensely talented and odd group of musicians-slash-pop culture critics. This one’s fun and seems to ask us, Is nothing sacred anymore?

Adam Cohen and the Warm Shadow of His Legendary Father

Joanna Schroeder interviews musician Adam Cohen about love, success, and the perilous allure of pursuing fame over art.

Paul Simon’s “Graceland”: An Introduction

Out of apartheid and the newly-budding reggae scene in South Africa came an album we would never forget.