Islam Requires Muslims To Protect Christians


Kashif Chaudry on the true relationship between Christianity and Islam.

Everything You Wanted To Know About Islam (But Were Afraid To Ask)


This series in meant to increase openness, understanding, and personal reflection. The goal is not to change anyone’s mind; rather, the goal is to promote individual decision making based on thoughtful reflection.

Thoughts on Jewish Identity in a Post-Charlie Hebdo World

Thoughts on Jewish by Steven Diaz

Matthew Rozsa explores the divided politics of the American Jewish community.

5 Facts Islamophoia Deniers Just Don’t Get

muslims photo by karochkin

Qasim Rashid believes that demonizing Muslims who claim they’ve been discriminated against is a slanted narrative devoid of common sense.

And the Student Said Unto Me: “Jesus Will Save You From Your Homosexual Feelings.”


Dr. Warren Blumenfeld on the intersection of war, religion, homophobia and the “ultimate truth.”

The Intact-ivists


A diverse group of men who are opposed to circumcision share a common, if unorthodox, mission—to restore their foreskins.

Anger of Muslims


Brandon Ferdig is incredulous that the extended trailer for ‘Innocence of Muslims’ is responsible for riots in the Middle East.

The 10 at 10


Penis shape explained, decoy Muslims, and facial hair synonyms.

The 10 at 10: January 12

This doesn't even make sense.

If Jesus were on Earth today, which Walmart would he attend, and what if he put a banana in your shelby?

Buddhists Win Google Stereotypes


What we find most interesting is the potential for Google Instant search to shape the way we think.

Muslims Love Obama, Mormons Don't

President Obama’s approval rating plummets, but he’s still popular among Jews and Muslims.