The Top 10 Offensively Sexist Halloween Costumes For Men

Some Halloween costumes are funny. Some are sexy. Some are neither. And some destroy the concepts of humor and sex appeal just by existing.

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My Daguerrotype Boyfriend: Men Have Always Been Sexy

The most fun thing about antique photography? Dude watching!

Nude Calendar Raises Funds For Anti-Bullying Charity

The Warwick rowing team gets naked for a good cause: fighting anti-gay bullying in schools and sports.

My Yoko Ono Appreciation Life

Yoko Ono’s new menswear line breaks new ground in men’s fashion.

Five Sex Tips for Women About Men

Connecting with a man sexually can be as simple as making him feel wanted, says Laurie Watson.

Is Male Nudity Inherently Ridiculous?

Note: After the next few paragraphs, this article contains shirtless people of assorted genders and one fully naked person. If you do not want to see shirtless people of a particular gender or in general, or you are in a working or other environment in which such things would be inappropriate, I advise you go here and look […]

Why Women Should Be Allowed To Take Their Shirts Off In Public

Trigger warning for mentions of rape, and NSFW warning for pictures of shirtless people.  Occasionally, I ask people to explain things. My latest project has been asking people to explain why women can’t take their shirts off in public. Barring circular answers (“it’s obscene!” “it’s just not appropriate”) and irrelevancies (“hubba hubba”), the answers have […]

Today in Ozy Gets Outraged About Things A Month After Everyone Else

Check out this shit. The Department of Health and Human Services lists evidence-based teen-pregnancy prevention programs. Good for them! I approve of it. (Of course, the best teen-pregnancy prevention program is ending poverty, but that’s neither here nor there.) Much to the grave displeasure of everyone with a thinking brain on the planet, the updated […]

The Modesty Doctrine

(You may be like “hey, where is Monday Roundup, that was my favorite part of the week?” If so, you are weird. Also, neither Noah or Ozy has much of anything new this week, as we were both busy. Noah’s busy was a lot more fun than my busy though.) No Longer Quivering, which is […]

Super Bowl Commercials, To Everyone’s Surprise, Sexist

In a shocking turn of events no one could have possibly predicted, the Superbowl ads this year were somewhat sexist. (Much thanks to Feministe, who watched the ads so I didn’t have to.)

Myth of Men Not Being Hot/Beauty Myth Open Thread

I’m kinda lazy today, so I’ve decided to throw up an Open Thread and make you all do all the work. One of the ideas we talk about here at NSWATM a lot is the Myth of Men Not Being Hot: that is, the cultural notion that women are interested in men’s wallets or their […]

The Beauty Myth And The Success Myth: Ozy’s Law In Action

Over Thanksgiving weekend, I was talking with my brother, and we were bemoaning something I’ve bemoaned with other men on many occasions: the bloody impossibility of convincing the women we love that they’re beautiful. Those with a woman that they love know how it is: she’ll get it into her head that her weight or […]

Twilight, Bieber, and Valentino

Trigger warning for a Photoshopped picture of a rape.  There is a subset of the female gaze that causes much kerfluffle amongst a lot of guys, and it tends to occur in an incredibly predictable pattern. Now, for purposes of this post, we will be assuming that female desire for men is not a myth […]

Dancing, Sexualization and the Myth of Men Not Being Hot

My friend Summer, she who previously proposed the virginity thread, is rapidly becoming NSWATM’s leading provider of interesting post ideas. Lots of videos below the cut; skip if on a slow connection

Big Fellas And Fashion

Courtesy of ocelot in the open thread, check out this article in New York Magazine about the nonexistence of plus-size male models in fashion. Note phrasing: not dearth, not paucity, not lack of exposure, nonexistence. (As with so much else in life, don’t read the comments on that article. They are dismaying.) I think we […]

Open Thread: Virginity and Men

A friend of mine and I were talking about men’s views of virginity, and she was like “gosh, well, it’s not like you have a masculism blog where you can discuss this topic and gather a variety of opinions from actual men” and I was like “Oh, right.” My scattered thoughts on male virginity: I think […]