Sex Sells, But At What Cost? How The Media Killed Romance


A Gen Y writer laments the death of chivalry.

Tweet of the Day by @mrb285 “Aussie media perpetuating real men #myth”

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— Mark Bennett (@mrb285)

Shattered Heroes: Gandhi’s Dark Side?


In the city of Cerritos a statue of Gandhi symbolizes immorality and hypocrisy.

Yes, Ladies, Gentlemen Actually Exist

photo by missturner flickr

Dale Vaughn would like to take a moment to make a statement on behalf of men everywhere. Good men, gentlemen, Renaissance men are not a myth from some long lost idyllic bygone era. They are everywhere.

The Myth of the Lazy American

Lazy American photo by sloneczna

Finally, a stereotype we should embrace, writes Pat Brothwell. Let’s bring lazy back in vogue.

Who Is Your Favorite Greek God? An Interview with David Berger

David Berger

Savas Abadsidis talks to David Berger about his new book Task Force: Gaea, comics, movies, and Greek Gods.

Your Marriage Isn’t Typical


Sadly, our most common criticisms of marriage reveal much more about the critics than the state of contemporary romance.

What Marriage Isn’t

anniversary band

Conversations about marriage continue to show that we fabricate romantic myths that set us up for disappointment.

Marriage Isn’t the Problem—We Are


The attempt to pigeonhole marriage as one thing or another is a bigger problem than marriage itself.

Giving a Rapist a Public Platform


Pointing our anger at the facilitators of a discussion on consent interferes with our ability to see a greater point.

Original Sin


To be free of the lifelong effects of a childhood failure, Albie had to do more than remember what happened.

The Meaning of Life


Jeff Swain’s new column on The Good Life explores the myths that tell the story of what it is to be a human being.

Flash Fiction: Sing [@hannibaltabu]

Sitting on a rooftop, singing of broken love. As human an emotion as it gets … unless you happen to be a god.

Free Association: A Love Story

Jason Statham Goes Shopping at Bristol Farms

(Or, how I learned to accept a myth)

The “Good Man” Is a Response to the Myth of the “Bad Man”

photo by carbonnyc

Mark D. White responds to Tom Matlack’s Post “What Is a ‘Good’ Man?”

Opinion: The Commentary Track for the October 26th Buy Pile, Issue #15 [@cbr] “@Marvel Uber Alles”

An analysis of elements from Hannibal Tabu’s reviews column on Comic Book Resources looking at the power of myth and Matt Murdock’s blood stained smile.