Remembering the First Time You Were Called the N-Word

Many of these people were just children the first time someone used the N-word to harm them.

The Rationale of Racist Jokes

It’s not what you say privately that matters; it’s what you say…

The Anti-Intellecutalism Debate: ‘Ascended Blacks’ vs ‘N****rs’

Although the ascended Blacks ideology that we need to play the game of respectability politics to achieve success is ridiculous, very few Blacks really understand what we need. Lincoln Anthony Blades breaks down the issue.

4 Reasons White People Can’t Use the N-Word (No Matter What Black Folks Are Doing)

Jamie Utt – and some other really smart people – explain why white people simply CANNOT use the N-word. Ever. Never.

“And just because a person doesn’t exercise self-control doesn’t mean you should be treated less than a human being.”

This comment by Mfundisi Kitchen on the post Richard Sherman, Thugs, and Black Humanity

Richard Sherman, Thugs, and Black Humanity

Olivia Cole wonders what it takes for a black man to be regarded as human in America.

“That’s Racist Against White People!” A Discussion on Power and Privilege

Jamie Utt explains the profound danger in watering down our discussion of identity by removing any mention of societal power, oppression, and privilege.

The N-Word and Education Reform

Tim Brown believes that, “Cultural sensitivity should be a block of granite in the foundation of our education system, taught annually and comprehensively.”

Michael Caesar > Uncle Ruckus: The Boondoggle About The Boondocks

Once upon a time, a snarky little comic strip rose from relative obscurity to become fodder for Sunday morning political pundits and shaking heads along Washington DC’s beltway.

@JayZ, @KanyeWest, @GwynethPaltrow & Who’s Responsible For The N-Word

Before, say, 1988, the idea of using what could be the most offensive racial slur ever created in public, would have seemed ridiculous to most people.

Culture: @GwynethPaltrow, @KanyeWest, @JayZ & Who’s Responsible For The N-Word

… sure, things would change if we really wanted them to …

“I’m old enough to remember pollution so bad that you couldn’t hang your laundry outside.”

This comment was from JP McMahon on the post by Jake DiMare “Boomers Beware: How Do You Want to Be Remembered?”

Obama, The Anti-War, Government Niggling Divider?

What do you think Rick Santorum was trying to say, when he stumbled over a word that sounded an awful lot like the N-Word?