From Riot to Uprising: How Baltimore Protestors Flipped the Script


Protestor poet Andrew McFadyen-Ketchum on the streets of the Baltimore Uprising

28 Black People Who Should Inspire You — William Monroe Trotter


When he found himself without any allies, he pressed on.

Segregation is Alive and Well in 21st Century America

Journey for Justice 2

What are we going to do about it?

What the KKK Helped Teach me About Race in the USA

cant fix stupid

A white poet joins the NAACP march in Ferguson, Missouri, and learns he was wrong about the role of race in this country

NAACP, KKK Hold Historic Meeting


“Peaceful.” The word used to describe last week’s meeting between the NAACP and the KKK.

Bill Introduced by Federal Lawmakers Aims to End Racial Profiling By Police


Two lawmakers joined civil rights leaders Tuesday to push a bill prohibiting law enforcement officers from engaging in racial profiling and mandating training on profiling as part of all federal law enforcement training.

Feds Won’t Go Undercover to Prove Housing Discrimination

for rent

HUD studies have found that African Americans and Latinos are discriminated against in one of every five home-buying encounters and one in every four attempts to rent an apartment.

FBI to State of Florida: Do Not Release Evidence From Zimmerman Trial

george zimmerman gun

The gun used to kill Trayvon Martin and other evidence from the trial of George Zimmerman will be held by the Justice Department.

Opinion: Rand Paul – The Bigot at the Party

rand Paul, Rand Paul Howard University, racism, white paternalism, Tom Gualtieri, Good Men Project

Tom Gualtieri calls out the white paternalism at work in Rand Paul’s hapless speech at Howard University.

I Was Supposed to Marry a Cowboy


A mediation on the difference between men of action and men of ideas.

After 40 Years, North Carolina’s “Wilmington 10″ Are Finally Pardoned

wilmington-10-ap-GMP (588x331)

North Carolina governor calls the convictions ‘tainted by naked racism.’

Are You in the Marijuana Majority?


An interview with drug law reform activist and Marijuana Majority board member, Shaleen Title.

The Obama Effect and Same-Sex Marriage Equality

Screen Shot 2012-09-22 at 9.29.17 AM

What are the biggest factors causing Black voters to support same-sex marriage?