Why I Don’t Want to See Jennifer Lawrence Naked

Why I Don't Want by finnppuccino

James Fell is fine with seeing women naked — but only when they have given him explicit permission to do so.

How To Teach a Man or a Boy


Among the most harmful things we do to men and boys is leave them to their own devices.

Dear John: Daughter’s Nude Photos Not Welcome in Family Album


A daughter’s photography choices, a friend who wants credit for an idea, and a boyfriend who lied about a pot pipe.

7 Strange Things that Can Help Relieve Stress


I’m a big fan of science. Here are some unexpected ways to knock out stress.

What I Learned from 50 Naked People


When I started school for massage therapy, it was a shock at first.

“As a parent, the thought of our kids flashing other people stops our heart in fear.”


This is a comment by Andrew Pollon on the post “I Won’t Teach My Daughter It’s Wrong to Flash Her Boobs”.

A Brief Note to You, Our Children, On Being Naked on the Internet


Okay boys and girls, here’s why the opinions of your parents, teachers and preachers don’t really matter on this particular issue.

“My best casual sex was after flirtatious bar conversation and chat about sexual preferences, arm in arm, going to their place.”


These are comments by SecondBeach, John, and Mike on the post “On Women and Casual Sex – Part II: Flings, One Night Stands and Same Night Lays”.

Walking Around Shirtless


Justin Cascio wants to know: Is it okay to show my scars?

“It really helps to have a good realistic idea of what actual people look like naked.”


This is a comment by Kaija on the post “Results: nudity = not sexual. Even if the other person is attractive. Not a turn on.”

“In other countries they ridicule Americans for our inhibited attitudes.”


This is a comment by Anthony Tewfik on the post “I’m Stark Naked: Deal With It”.

“The primary difference in whether or not people get noticed sexually, is whether or not they feel confident and open about being noticed sexually.”


This is a comment by Rebecca Jane Weinstein on the post “I’m Stark Naked: Deal With It”.

“I just think it’s a bloody miracle women think we’re sexy.”


This is a comment by Brian Levene on the post “I’m Stark Naked: Deal With It”.

I’m Stark Naked: Deal With It

Noah Brand - cover

Our editor-in-chief bares it all in a direct confrontation with body shame.

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Letting Go and Running Naked


“Bath time is a pretty big deal around our house.”

Wait, He Has Naked Pictures of His Ex-Girlfriends?


Is it ever OK for a man to keep nude pictures of his former lovers?