Watching Time Pass Over the Vineyard Game


You can’t buy Christmas spirit, but you can make it.

The Night Is Full of Bicycles


Robert Barsanti gives a eulogy for a local man killed in a hit-and-run accident—a man who, in another life, could have been him.

The Plague


What do we owe our neighbors in times of crisis?

My Tale of Two Cities

los angeles

Steven Axelrod remembers living on both sides of the social spectrum and following his dreams to Los Angeles.

She Called for Me, Not Her Mom


Unlike his father, Steven Axelrod turned away from Hollywood and back toward his family—and found joy.

My Problem With Rich People


Steven Axelrod notices that greed, guilt, and mendacity largely mark the Nantucket elite, and he is equally terrified and curious at the prospect of joining them.

Flying Weather


After a love affair that fizzled and popped like a bubble, Steven Axelrod wonders what went wrong.

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The Happy Hour Miscarriage in Paradise

couple sun

How many times can you lose a child without even having one before things change?

Scenes From a Divorce: The First Epiphany

light bulb

Although his marriage didn’t work out, Steven Axelrod’s children washed away any lingering regret.

Season of the Racecar Tent

Christmas in Nantucket

If your future self called, what would he say? Carpe diem—and don’t let tourists ruin the holidays.

Living Father, Zombie Husband


Every summer, Robert Barsanti returns to Nantucket, where his marriage died—and where his two boys still need him.