Going Out With a Bang

NASA Messenger by NASA

NASA’s Messenger spacecraft ended its 11-year mission by crashing into Mercury.

The View From Space

The View from Space by Mashable

NASA’s GoPro footage from the International Space Station puts everything in perspective.

Watch a Thunderstorm—From Space

Watch by Terry Virts

Astronaut Terry Virts filmed a thunderstorm over central Africa—from the International Space Station.

28 Black People Who Should Inspire You — Guion Bluford


Outer space used to be so white.

An Astronaut’s Take On Why We Need To Stop Being Cowards And Head To Mars


We spoke with legendary astronaut Walt Cunningham about fear and the potential of a manned expedition to Mars.

Why It’s Ethically Wrong Not to Recognize Man-Made Climate Change

Why Its Ethically by Andrea Della Adriano

Matthew Rozsa reminds us that man-made global warming is a fact, and we as a species need to grow up and take responsibility.

Who Owns the Moon?

moon for sale

Greedy eyes are gazing at the moon glossed over with the potential of high profits from the next land of conquest.

Comets Are Coming. What Are We Doing About It?


A comet collision with Earth with catastrophic results is inevitable. We have the technology to avoid it, but do we have the global cooperation and will?

This Dad Made His Kids a NASA-Style Spaceship

This Dad Made by MAKE

Houston, we have a problem. This dad has raised the “build something cool for your kids” bar sky-high.

Scientists Make Contact With NASA’s Lost Satellite For First Time In 17 Years


As NASA continues to deal with shrinking budgets and loss of funding, the ISEE-3 Reboot Project could be a preview of where space and satellite research is headed.

GlobalSelfie on Earth Day

global selfie

This selfie is for a good cause – a NASA-led project to make a portrait of the Earth from your pictures.

The Myth and False Lesson of Independence


Why are we afraid of teaching young people how they relate to the network of human interaction? Why do we value our independence over our dependability?

Mother Nature and Human Nuclear Arrogance

EPSON DSC picture

Tsach Gilboa looks at nuclear power plants in light of tsunami’s and earthquakes, and wonders if are setting ourselves up for future catastrophes.

We Were Intrepid, Once

we were intrepid once by nasa goddard flickr

The space program pays off benefits that can’t be counted in dollars.

Mercury 7 Astronaut Scott Carpenter, 1925-2013

KSCAstronautAutographWeekend 010 (2)

Rob Joyner remembers an American hero.

We Are the Universe: Grand, Beautiful and Amazing Video of Origins and Connectivity

We are the universe

“The stars died so you could be here.”