The Myth and False Lesson of Independence


Why are we afraid of teaching young people how they relate to the network of human interaction? Why do we value our independence over our dependability?

Mother Nature and Human Nuclear Arrogance

EPSON DSC picture

Tsach Gilboa looks at nuclear power plants in light of tsunami’s and earthquakes, and wonders if are setting ourselves up for future catastrophes.

We Were Intrepid, Once

we were intrepid once by nasa goddard flickr

The space program pays off benefits that can’t be counted in dollars.

Mercury 7 Astronaut Scott Carpenter, 1925-2013

KSCAstronautAutographWeekend 010 (2)

Rob Joyner remembers an American hero.

We Are the Universe: Grand, Beautiful and Amazing Video of Origins and Connectivity

We are the universe

“The stars died so you could be here.”

NASA’s It Gets Better (Video)


As part of an inclusive workplace, NASA employees sharing their personal stories and talking about how it gets better.

NEWSER: Sex in Space Won’t Kill You After All

hubble views1

It is safe to have sex in space after all.

Open Thread: Could You Survive 16 Months Alone With Your Partner?

inspiration mars

A private company plans to send a married couple on a mission to mars. Do you think a relationship can survive a trip like that?

Explore the 100,000 Stars Closest to Us with This Awesome Interactive Site (Link)


100,000 Stars gives users a chance to explore through the stellar neighborhood in one beautiful and interactive site.

Meteor Explodes in Sky Over Russia Injuring Hundreds (Video)

russia meteor

Scores of Russian’s captured the meteor explosion on dash cameras.

Video: Take a Tour of the International Space Station


Do you know how astronauts sleep? Find out from the Commander.

Has the Time Come for Private Space Exploration?


More corporations are starting to get into space exploration. How does this emerging market work?

Open Thread: Is the World Going to End on 12/21/2012?

apocalypse_GMP (588x379)

Is it really the end?

Ok Sandy, Let’s Do This

Photo by Tom Love Rumblestrip

One guy prepares for Frankenstorm.

Learning From Mars


What does landing a rover on Mars have to do with business? Everything, says Ken Goldstein.

What If We Celebrated Science Like the Olympics?


What NASA does every day is like a perfect balance beam act, performed every day, in space. Why don’t we celebrate these feats with the enthusiasm we reserve for Olympic athletes?