Rally Driving is So Cool…It’s Got a Suburban-Mom Parody


Don’t joke about female drivers with this “suburban mom’s” awesome Ken-Block-inspired, minivan parody.

Doing It Right: Jeff Gordon

Jeff Gordon

The Good Men Project Sports’ Tuesday weekly feature, Doing It Right, highlights athletes who give back and make a difference in our society. This week we will be looking at Jeff Gordon, whose legacy goes beyond racing.

Are Extreme Sports Becoming Too Extreme for Sponsors?


Tor Constantino looks at the risks and rewards of extreme sports for both the participants and advertisers who sponsor them.

How I Supposedly Ended My Son’s Future as a Car-Racing Phenomenon

izz racecar

Joanna Schroeder tries to figure out how to keep her kids safe without squashing their independence.

Dale Jr. and the Cost of “Manning Up”

Dale Earnhardt, Jr.

NASCAR’s most popular driver talks about concussions, coming back, and the price of “pushing through”.

I Can’t Write About Football

I Cant Write About Football photo by COD Newsroom

Aaron W. Voyles examines how the situations with the NFL impact the men he educates.

“Have at it, Boys” and College Men

Have at it Boys photo by Bill McChesney

Aaron W. Voyles explores the relationship between NASCAR and male behavior.

Tony Stewart and the Rush to Judgement

Tony Stewart (Derik Hamilton/AP)

A racing event turned tragic when an on-track incident resulted in a fatality. Also tragic is the public reaction.

Life Below The Mason-Dixon Line: A Call For Submissions


Life below the Mason-Dixon Line isn’t as simple as some people want you to believe.

Yarn: Not Just for Girls Anymore


JJ Vincent introduces you to the entertaining world of the textile arts.

Tony Stewart, You Mend and We’ll Knit


JJ Vincent tries to convince the still-broken-legged NASCAR driver Tony Stewart that he needs to join the legions of men who knit.

NASCAR Fines Denny Hamlin for Criticizing Car


Though NASCAR is within its rights to fine Denny Hamlin, Liam Day argues there’s a not so pleasant whiff about all of it.

Shane Hmiel: Defying the Odds to Race Again

shane hmiel (500x278)

Hmiel says, “I didn’t seek this out, but I’m so thankful to Accessible Racing for this honor. They have done and continue to do great things for the physically disabled.”

“A boy should be able to dress like a ice dancer OR a NASCAR driver if he wants to.”


This is a comment by Tom B. on the post “Buying Boys’ Underwear For My Daughter”. Tom writes about the strict dichotomy of how clothing is marketed to young girl and boys and how it contributes to gender stereotypes from an early age.

A Weekend in the Life of a NASCAR Fan

Screen Shot 2012-11-20 at 7.02.47 AM

Matthew Crowder spent the weekend with his daughter at the Martinsville Speedway. He shares what he learned about NASCAR—and about father-daughter bonding.

Plastic Surgery: It’s Not Just for Women Anymore


More men are having liposuction, Botox injections, laser hair removal, and other cosmetic procedures.