Will Donald Trump Ever Go Away?

Sure Donald Trump is still up in the polls, but he probably won’t stay there forever.

Rubio Surges Ahead

Feel free to ignore all those the early polls, Marco Rubio is pulling ahead where it really matters.

The Roots of Nerd Rage, Part 1

From “fake geek girls” to Gamergate, a certain demographic seems constantly, causelessly angry. But are you sure it’s the demographic you think it is?

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Despite all the hype otherwise, the 2014 elections are hardly set in stone.

Our Old Congress

Congress is older than ever these days and that could pose problems for our democracy.

Nate Silver’s Epic Fail

Nate Silver’s new FiveThirtyEight site has gotten some pretty bad reviews in its first two weeks.

NEWSER: 2 More Red-State Democrats ‘Evolve’ on Gay Marriage

Nate Silver writes, “The remaining senators who have not taken the opportunity yet may have good political reasons for it, and may wait some time before they do.”

The Data Revolution in Sports

Tracing sports’ data revolution, Liam Day wonders what it means for masculinity and where we go from here.

Artist Steve Locke Caves to Pressure, Creates a Top Ten List

In a world where art comes first, Steve Locke chooses ten of his favorite things from 2012.

Where Have You Gone Aaron Sele?

With the Hall of Fame vote in, and no one elected, Neil Cohen says that baseball nation won’t be turning its lonely eyes to Cooperstown this summer.

Politics, Business, and Analytics: Ken Goldstein’s Getaway Post for 2012

Data tells a story, writes Ken Goldstein, but sometimes you have to dig to find it.

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Sam Sattin wonders, how do we tell the difference between the revolutionary and the trivial?

60 Reasons to be Proud in 2012

Coming out in Hollywood in 2012 became a casual affair. Gone were the days of the “I’m Gay” cover photo.

Rove Hack: The Anonymous Conspiracy

Did hacker group Anonymous foil Karl Rove’s evil election-stealing plan? Greg Olear offers evidence that this conspiracy theory may be true.