Multiculturalism Can Foster a New Kind of Englishness

Multiculturalism can help strengthen an appreciation of the emotional charge of belonging together.

One Hundred Percent American Mass Murder

It would appear lots of people are trying to spin The Pulse Club attack as somehow less than the all-American mass murder that it is. Don’t believe them.

Why I Never Want to Be Called a Patriot Again

Too many have replaced Patriotism with Nationalism. America is far worse because of it.

What it Takes to Leave Her

If America crosses my line in the sand, I will react accordingly.

Patriotism & Nationalism Projected Through “Ida”

“Nationalism is an infantile disease. It is the measles of mankind.”-Albert Eisenstein

As Anti-Globalization Politics Fail, Nationalism Sweeps the World

Globalization has a funny way of firing up nationalists—and racism, nativism and parochialism are the result.

Why I Will Not Pledge My Allegiance to Any Flag

How to make an informed decision before you pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America.

Stars and Stripes, Pride or Hate?

From World Cup fans to immigration bus blockers, the Stars and Stripes is both patriotic and nationalistic.

Unspoken Assumptions: When Men are the Dead

The death toll at the Turkey mine disaster has now reached 232, and “hopes are diminishing” for the many others still trapped. Women aren’t mentioned, so we can assume the dead are men.

Will The Real Working Class Please Stand Up?

This week, James Plunkett challenges his fellow millennials to stop pretending.

I Don’t Pledge Allegiance (to Any Flag)

Dr. Warren Blumenfeld pledges his allegiance to humanity, not to the American flag.

Why Consumption Replaced Contribution: The Decline of Service in America

How our mass consumption consumes our service to others.

The True Believer

How do two guys come to believe, with absolute certainty, that murder is a moral necessity?

Hyeonseo Lee: My Escape from North Korea

Wilkine Brutus finds parts of himself and his own mother’s story in this riveting video by North Korean activist Hyeonseo Lee.

Five Troublesome Things About The NFL

It’s actually more like one big troublesome thing with five subsections.

How Germany Found Itself, Lost Itself, and Found Itself Again

With the World Cup as a catalyst, Germans were able to regain pride and passion for their homeland, Noah Davis writes.