Adam Hughes’s ecstatic poem is a celebration of love and the natural world.

White Power, Idiots, And An Unfair World

Life may never be fair, but we can do our best to make our society that way.

4 Things Your History Teacher Didn’t Know About Native Americans — But You Should

Why do so many people in the US believe myths about Native people?

R*dskins, why only Native American Opinions Matter!

Negative words are powerful and can and do cause substantial irreparable damage. Changing the name of the team is a win-win for all.

4 Ways to Honor Native Americans Without Appropriating Our Culture

Taté Walker asks people and institutions to stop profiting from stereotypes proven to harm and dehumanize Native people.

Step Lightly Upon This World

It’s something we’ve forgotten in hundreds of years of striving to achieve more, to produce more, to build bigger and better things.

The R*dskins Myth of a Manufactured White Liberal Controversy

Johnnie Jae debunks the idea it’s only white-guilt motivating the change of the Washington team name, and promises that Native folks like herself won’t give up.

Sigma Chi and University of North Dakota Indian Association Peacemaking

For those who have been in the Grand Forks community for several years, Time-Out week and Wacipi proves to be a tired exercise in cultural sensitivity training, which is exceedingly frustrating when the ones you are making your case to have in theory, ‘committed themselves to cultural diversity.’

Real Men Love Animals

Next time you see a man tossing a ball to a dog, throwing a Frisbee or stroking a cat: watch carefully. There is magic in the interaction. Pure magic.

Need Further Proof That We Shouldn’t Use Native Names and Images in Sports? Here It Is.

Joanna Schroeder explains the horrible and inevitable outcome of using Native images and names as mainstream team mascots, as displayed by an Alabama high school last weekend.

NCAI’s New Report on Racist Sports Team Reminds Us of How Little Progress We’ve Made

A new report by the National Congress of American Indians issues a new report detailing the ways in which Native citizens are harmed by racist sports team names and mascots.

Off the Grid and Into the Woods

Kile Ozier takes a two week trek into the wilderness, and learns how a tiny shift in the rudder of the mind can steer a new course.

Common Native American Stereotypes Debunked

Regardess of whether it’s a positive or negative stereotype, Shannon Ridgway asserts that generalizations about people based upon race or ethnicity are harmful.

Why Does Tonto Have That Bird On His Head? Racism in the New ‘Lone Ranger’

Alex Yarde discusses the blatant racism in the new Disney film, “The Lone Ranger”.

Five Films That Changed the Game

The Seventies were a decade of smashing taboos in filmmaking: in dialogue, depictions of history, and the image of the leading man.

House GOP Pushes Own Version of VAWA

Although the Senate has already passed a bipartisan version of the Violence Against Women Act, House Republicans are planning to “strip its contents and put their language into that bill,” language that excludes protections for LGBT victims.