From the Ground Up: Build a Better World on the Fundamentals of Inclusion and Disability

Erin Kelly explores The United Nations’ recent proposal to include the disabled in their plans for evacuation, recovery and relief during natural disasters.

#GMPChat National Preparedness Month #BePrepared

Are you prepared for any type of emergency, such as a natural disaster? Join @TimMacWelch for #GMPChat 9pm Est for National Preparedness Month

K.I.N.D.: Kids In Need of Desks. We Can Help—Easily!

A small token for us makes a huge difference for them and improves the world for all of us

Do You Have a Lust for Negativity? Here’s How to Find Peace in a Seemingly Out of Control World.

When the world seems out of control, here’s how to find peace within yourself.

Jake Wood Sees a New Mission for Veterans

After months or even years fighting overseas, 92% of American veterans say they want to continue their service; meanwhile, one after another, natural disasters continue to wreak havoc worldwide.

What Good Is Gratitude When the World Is Tearing Apart?

When destruction threatens our ability to hope, gratitude is a balm.

Climate Change & Human Trafficking

A destroyed environment is often the perfect environment for modern-day slavery

How to Survive a Natural Disaster

If there’s a natural disaster or terrorist attack, can you protect your family?

Emotional Intelligence of Mass Extinction

How do you live with the awareness of death on a massive scale?

Why I Purchased My First Hand Gun

One man from an anti-gun culture comes to embrace firearms and the responsibility and freedom they embody.


Arguments against making the commitments of male adulthood can be boiled down to one word: Meteor. Sean Carney explains.

The 10 at 10

The Masters begins, Lebron love soccer, and scientists discover the first gay caveman.

Stop Worrying and Love the Snow Days

They may be good for the economy, and they’re certainly good for you.