Beyond Unmaking

Pepper Trail’s poem is a striking meditation on the impermanence of the interrelated natural and human worlds.

Strange Man Wrestles a Wild Ruffed Grouse

Man vs Wild Bird

Meat Eaters in the Wild

Stumbling upon an alligator, eating an alligator…

Do Something Beautiful – It’s Earth Day!

Anaiyah Chamberlin wants you to do something beautiful on Earth Day.

Dealing with My Depression Through the ‘Lens’ of Nature

Wasim Malakshy found help, hope, and clarity through photography.

Men, It’s Time to Unplug & Let Go

One man’s prescription for unplugging from “life” and reconnecting with yourself.

Carved in Mayhem

Carved in Mayhem is the poetic depiction of one man’s unique journey. It is the picture when the forces of nature that surround one, collide with an opposing resistance of the human spirit.


Adam Hughes’s ecstatic poem is a celebration of love and the natural world.

When I Realized I Was a Coward

He was a coward, by nature, and he would need to struggle against that basic fact for the rest of his life.

There’s No Shame in Shame

New research suggests there is an evolutionary benefit to a feeling most would rather not feel—shame.

Two Brothers go Hunting Mud Crabs

Would you grab one of these with your bare hands?

Are Male and Female Brains Really Different?

Do science and the stereotypes agree?

Is Everything Really Worth Knowing?

Are there times when a man’s ignorance is acceptable, or even necessary?

Enough! I’m Sick and Tired our Obsession with Nature Shows

When did we stop thinking of our own backyard as nature?

Kids Today Don’t Have What I Had

The greatest love you can show a child is to let them learn to navigate the forest and the fields.

Self-Portrait as Mountain

Pepper Trail engages the mythic in this poem of life, death, and self-transformation.