Call for Submissions: Invest in the Environmental Conversation!


The environment section is growing and we need your views on nature.

Bites and Rashes: Things to Avoid While Seeking Outdoor Adventures


This summer, protect your body’s biggest organ… your skin.

Sacred Archetypes of Modern Masculinity: The Green Man

green man, archetype, nature, gardening

That which is within the planet is within you.

A Sunday Walk with Father


Todd Davis draws tight parallels between the world of trees and the world of humans.

The Return of the Spring

0587, swallow, gloucestershire

If you look carefully the signs of Spring’s return are all around us right now.

Worlds within Worlds

worlds within worlds copy

There are worlds within worlds when we focus in and see

Dear Future Generations: Sorry (We Messed Up the World)

Dear Future by Prince Ea

Prince Ea offers an apology to future generations for leaving them with a world that will be nothing like the one we knew.

Still Life: Deep into the Depths


“Still” dives into the life of Carlos Eyles and his ocean philosophy.

Nature is the Great Counsellor and Healer


“Land is text and meaning is found everywhere; through movement, gesture, sound, rhythm. When you drive traditional people off the land, you drive them out of their mind.”

Shapeshifting into the Sunset

shape shifting copy

Humans, like other animals, are shaped by the places they inhabit, both individually and collectively.

The Day My Daughter Met a Snake

The Day My Daughter by Greg Schechter

Ty Phillips and his daughter connect with nature and each other on his annual pilgrimage to the woods.

Nature is Something to be Felt Rather Than Known


Nature is something to be felt rather than known, it has an essential wildness that defies being caged and classified.

Portrait of a Dog Walker


Portrait of a Dog Walker is about a man who traded in a high-stress life in London finance to follow his dream of spending his life with dogs instead.

Moving In Nature – Tracking


Moving in nature and an encounter with wild boar.

The Way to Empathy Through Nature

The Way to Empathy by Wikimedia Commons

Ty Phillips finds our intimate and universal connection with nature in a creature most of us would squash without thinking.

The Time of Abundance is Here!


Immerse yourself in the richness of nature.