5 Things A Man’s Soul Wants Him To Know

Somewhere deep inside, your wild, authentic soul is whispering to you. Are you listening?

Don’t Annoy The Bull And Other Lessons From The Field

Before you can avoid the bulls, you need to learn to spot them. With people that can be a challenge.

Blue November

Start November with this wise and meditative poem from Denton Loving.

Are you Looking for a Civilization that Works for All?

How innovation and caring can save humanity.

How Much of Your Life Is Bull***t?

We are swimming in a sea of cultural BS.

Why A Man Needs A Wild Soul

in the modern technoworld, where identity is only as deep as our business card, or the screen we’re staring at, we need something authentic and alive.

Why a Buddhist Therapist Made My Girlfriend Break Up With Me

I live like it’s a game – I’m suddenly reminded how awesome the world is. I found it odd that a dude who said he was a Buddhist would be against such a view of life.

Nature Can’t Pay Its Own Way – So Let’s Take The Market Out Of Conservation

Lower Falls of the Yellowstone River, protected as the world’s first national park in 1872. But how do we best protect nature in the future?

The Questioning, Answered

Art, sexuality, and the natural world cohere powerfully in Laurie Kolp’s poem.

Don’t Get Buried Alive by Negativity: Staying Positive in a Dangerous World

Jed Diamond looks at alternatives to negativity when life throws the biggest curveballs.

Surfing: Embracing the Open Palm of God

James Robbie writes about the joys of surfing and the greater force behind the powerful waves.

Race to Nowhere

“In nature, formal schooling has no function.”

Two Guys Discover a Whirlpool Which Sure Does Look Like a Portal to the Underworld

Watch this swirling hole in a lake devour everything in sight.

Sunset on the Neusiok Trail

If you know how it’s going to turn out, you’re doing it all wrong

A Conservationist Dad Reveals the Truth to Greater Happiness and Health for Your Kids: They Need Time by Natural Water

Emerging and established research suggest that parents should prioritize time spent in, on, or around the water for happier kids. Parents can improve their kids’ psychological and physical health by incorporating a ‘blue hour’ into their routines. Here is how it works.

A Time-Lapse Video Made From Still Photographs

Dustin Farrell stitched together raw still photographs of the Arizona and Utah landscape to create the most amazing time-lapse nature video you’ve ever seen.