If You Want to Change the World, Start By Making Your Bed

U.S. Navy Admiral William H. McRaven

In his commencement speech at the University of Texas-Austin, U.S. Navy Admiral William H. McRaven gives some unusual – an unusually inspirational – advice for all of us.

How Do We Talk to Boys About Violence?

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At this point I think there is a very dangerous silence. And that’s not their fault. It’s ours.

What Does Male Evil Look Like?


I keep coming back to the question of men who just want to watch the world burn.

Chance of a Lifetime

omaze founders

Omaze founders Matt Pohlson and Ryan Cummins are saving the world by creating memorable experiences.

Bid on Motorcycles, Help Families of Wounded & Fallen Special Ops Forces

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The Good Feed Blog editors share information regarding a very special fundraiser for the New England Warrior Benefit.

I’m Glad We’re Not All Rambos

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U.S. Army Sergeant First Class Matthew Crowder believes heroes come in all different forms; from Green Berets to everyday men and women.

The Navy SEALs and Magical Thinking


Tom Matlack looks at how the romanticization of U.S. Special Forces is linked to dangerous myths about manhood and war.

Why Are Good Men Still Dying in Afghanistan?


We got Bin Laden but are we still falling into the trap he set for us?

Good Morning Links

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Today is Tuesday, May 17, and the “Terminator” line, “Your clothes, give them to me,” keeps playing in our head for some reason. Here are some other links of note today.

Should We Be Surprised That a Pastor Lied About Being a Navy SEAL?


Real Navy SEALs began questioning the verity of these claims, which shared elements with Steven Seagal’s character in “Under Siege.”