Stop the Killings

The burning question today for those of us in a fight for our survival is: Will we allow a system built upon violence to destroy us?

The Dysfunction of the American Police State

Today, the police are the street enforcers for the corporate dictatorship. We need a society where the people, not the corporations, are in charge.

Confronting the American Police State

A thousand scattered voices, politically and ideologically separated, mean nothing. We must confront each and every attack on what liberty we have left.

The Man in the High Castle: A Story That Hits Home

When the race relations portrayed in a book written more than 50 years ago are still all too familiar, it can be a wake-up call.  — Books that deal with alternative histories may be one of the most under-appreciated genres. The phrase “oldie but goodie” is definitely an apt description for my latest read, The […]

When There are no More Holocaust Survivors

None of us know life without living, breathing Holocaust survivors.

28 Black People You Probably Don’t Know About (But You Should)— Hans Massaquoi

The former editor of Ebony magazine was born in Nazi Germany. He lived through Naziism in Germany and racism in the United States.

Holocaust: Historical Revisionism & Trivialization

Professor Warren Blumenfeld offers a call to end the constant comparisons between those wanting to address wealth inequality with those who perpetrated the Holocaust.

Dominant Group Privilege: Contextual, Conditional, Intersectional

To fully understand privilege we must break through its hard outer shell.

On Syria Nonintervention: “Self-Interest” Justification is Morally Reprehensible

We should help Syria whether it benefits us or not.

The Olympic Games: A “Political” Opportunity for Unity

Warren Blumenfeld explains how, “The more things change, the more they stay the same.” Especially for the LGBT community in Eastern Europe.

New Research Indicates the Holocaust Was Even Worse Than We Thought

The new research is completely changing our understanding of the Holocaust.

Shame and Violence: The Connecticut School Shooting and Hate

Tragedy comes from repressed shame, not from being too permissive with people.

Women and LGBT People Under Attack: 1930’s & Now

Professor Warren Blumenfeld sees parallels between the German Third Reich and the inequalities of today

Forgiveness Is Macho

Lisa Hickey travels from Germany to the comments on a blog post to discover that forgiveness is an action word.