#73: Heroic Irish Priest Helped Save More Than 6,500 People during WWII


This Irish priest is an unsung hero whose work during World War II deserves greater recognition.

A Critical Look at Failure

A Critical Look by Clare Bell

Editor’s Note: This is part two of a three-part series by Raoul Wieland on failure. Part one can be found here. The Oxford Dictionary defines ‘failure’ as: A lack of success An unsuccessful person, enterprise or thing The omission of expected or required action A lack or deficiency of a desirable quality The action or […]

They Thought They Were Free: The Germans, 1933-45


Jesse Kornbluth reviews a story on interviews with Germans from the WWII era.

All My Terrorists Are White

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Counting the days between Neo and Nazi.

The Dirty Business of Prison Sterilization


Adam Dyer talks about some truly barbaric and archaic practices in todays prison system.

Nearly 70 Years Later, 20 Nazi Concentration Camp Guards are Being Brought to Justice


German war crime investigators have located roughly 20 former guards of the Majdanek death camp who could face accessory to murder charges by federal prosecutors.

As We Point the Finger at Russia’s LGBT Inequalities, Three Fingers Point Back at Us


Professor Warren Blumenfeld sees parallels between Russia’s anti-homosexual agenda and Nazi ideology. And he’s sees a bit of hypocrisy in the US as well.

Never Again—Now, More Than Ever—And If Not Now, When?

Never Again Now More by Unknown

Really, Ben? Nazis? Again? A scathing rebuke to Fox Commentator Ben Carson’s rant about the ‘secular progressive movement.’

Holocaust: Historical Revisionism & Trivialization


Professor Warren Blumenfeld offers a call to end the constant comparisons between those wanting to address wealth inequality with those who perpetrated the Holocaust.

Dear Mr. Perkins: It’s Not Kristallnacht

Tom Perkins

Rick Mandler breaks down the absurdity of Tom Perkins’ comparison of persecution of the 1% to Nazi anti-semitism.

Exile From Guyville: A Reflection

photo by julianrod

Paul Zakrzewski—when confronted with the evidence that he wasn’t much of a man—reflects on the ongoing revolution for men.

What to Do Before You Complain

man yelling 3

Tim O’Connor finally understands ‘You spot it, you got it.’ What I complain about in others is in me.

Holocaust Survivor Uses Social Media to Search For Twin

Bodner past and present

With the help of social networking sites, Menachem Bodner is hoping to be reunited with the twin he hasn’t seen since they were liberated from Auschwitz, 68 years ago.

Sir Nicholas Winton: The Man Who Saved 669 Jewish Children From Hitler

nicholas winton2

Sir Nicholas Winton has been called “one of the greatest humanitarians of out time,” for his heroic efforts to save the children of Czechoslovakia from Hitler’s Nazi invasion.

A Benign Man in Bad Times: Dan Vyleta’s The Quiet Twin


Dan Vyleta turns a WWII thriller into a book of extraordinary questions.

Reflections of a U.S. Jew in Poland


Professor Warren Blumenfeld writes of how the dynamic and palpable tension of history still exists today