When Mom Saved Us From the Nazis

She lived her life to the fullest—her adventures and stories will be passed down from generation to generation.

Based on the BIS in WWII, Behemoth Banks will Never be too Big to Fail or Jail

A past financial crisis that could predict how banks of today prevail.

Not All is Lost: A Letter of Gratitude and Remembrance

Warren Blumenfeld writes a letter to his Polish Great-Grandparents and reflects on his journey of being Jewish and gay.

Germany’s Official Remembrance Policy of the Holocaust

If you are looking for an example of how even the uncomfortable parts of history should be acknowledged, look no further.

Why We Should Laugh at Trump’s Nazis

Matthew Rozsa explains why we need to laugh at neo-Nazis.

A Fun Productive Way to Best Neo-Nazis

A small German town came up with a brilliant, peaceful and fun way to have neo-Nazis raise money against neo-Nazis.

Man’s Search for Meaning

Jesse Kornbluth reviews a concentration camp memoir, and leaves with an important message from Viktor Frankl.

89-Year-Old Veteran Escapes Nursing Home to Join Comrades in Normandy

Bernard Jordan, an 89-year-old-veteran, escaped from his nursing home to commemorate D-Day in Normandy.

” If you are not part of the solution, then you are part of the problem.”

This comment by Warren Blumenfeld on the post Contributors to Genocide & Holding Corporations Accountable

Contributors to Genocide & Holding Corporations Accountable

Dr. Warren Blumenfeld explains the importance of holding corporations responsible for their participation in past atrocities.

“Yeah, Mr. Perkins and his fellow billionaires are horribly persecuted and denigrated in our society.”

This comment by JohnH on the post Dear Mr. Perkins: It’s Not Kristallnacht

Tom Perkins Cries “Nazi!” to Defend the 1%. And Guess What? It’s Working.

What Was VC Tom Perkins Thinking When He Compared “Persecution” of the 1% to Nazi Anti-Semitism? Here’s What.

Unfinished Symphony: A Memoir Excerpt

A daughter recalls her father’s ragged oaths, then the gentle, intelligent voice letters penned from the other side of the world.

50 More Must-See Films

Steve Jaeger thought of fifty more films you should definitely watch.

Open Thread: Should Sex Offenders Have Their Participation In Halloween Limited?

A new law band sex offenders from decorating for Halloween. Does this law go too far or not far enough?

Emotional Intelligence of Mass Extinction

How do you live with the awareness of death on a massive scale?