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Don’t Have the Nerve to be Openly Racist? Don’t say Racist Things.


If you can’t spout off on the deficiencies of others in a way that forces you to defend your beliefs to their face, you’ve got no excuse for pointing, laughing, and assuming you’re Divinely appointed as their superior.

‘Waiter, There are Boobs in My Basketball’

Milwalkee Bucks dancers 2

Do men really need female eye candy in sports? Matt Story wants to know.

Donald Sterling and the Foundations of the Modern Basketball State


Earlier this week Lenny DeFranco dared to imagine a new form of professional sports franchise ownership. Here Yago Colas offers an historical glimpse at a time when just such a form of ownership might still have been possible.

Why Lynching Still Resonates When Black Men Keep Certain Company

Why Lyching Still Resonates

Nicole Franklin continues her the conversation on race and forgiveness and looks at our nation’s history of lynching.

A Sterling Proposal: Let’s Abolish The Sports Team Owner


Lenny DeFranco questions the function behind a sports team owners and what their status in society represents.

What Can Be Learned from Donald Sterling and Mark Cuban?

What Can Be Learned from Donald Sterling

Edmund Adjapong shares how although many Americans choose to believe that we are currently a part of a post-racial society, the comments made by Donald Sterling is a reminder that little has changed.

Is There Really a Difference Between Donald Sterling and the Redskins?


Joanna Schroeder looks at the legacy NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell could leave if he chose to lead against racism the way the NBA has.

Donald Sterling, Mark Cuban and the Bigger Picture We’re Not Seeing


B.O.L.D member Joshua Rivers has a change of heart on the Donald Sterling fiasco, calls for extermination!

God Was on His Side: Accessing Mark Jackson


Jim Jividen discusses the firing of Mark Jackson and the special kind of privilege that Jackson and other avowed Christians have.

Michael Sam Coming Up and Out

Michael Sam

When Sports Illustrated’s cover asked, “Is the NFL Ready for Michael Sam?” they didn’t mean on the football field.

Can We Stop Calling Owners, “Owners”?

NBA owners

Professional athletes are employees, not slaves. So why do we call their employers owners?

The Sterling Effect – Will This Extraordinary Penalty Jolt Pro Sports Out of Everyday Racism?


Argun Ulgen explores the Sterling Effect, which says that only extraordinary events will jolt people into confronting racism. The everyday sort, like Dan Snyder’s continued insistence in using a slur for his football team’s name, doesn’t rate.

The Donald Sterling Saga Shows That People Truly Don’t Understand What Racism Is


When an alarming amount of people believe that discrimination is largely confined to the isolated incidents that make national headlines as opposed to recognizing the potential for wider impact, then there is a bigger problem.

Why Is It Wrong To Be Sexist, Racist or Homophobic?

Wall in Mexico:US

It’s a good question. Right?

Donald Sterling, Give Me a Hug!

Warriors Clippers Sterling Basketball-2

No one denies that what Donald Sterling said is wrong, but Oluwatosin Awofeso argues that returning hate with hate won’t actually solve anything.