A Fractured Narrative: Thabo Sefalosha Incident Highlights Police Abuses


Last Fall, social awareness intersected with professional sports with a profound and unifying message not seen since the 60s and 70s. Now, a collision looks inevitable.

Glory Days: The Wacky Sensibilities of Kobe Bryant

anne ferrel

Kobe Bryant is in the twilight of his career. Like all of us, the older he gets, the better he was.

NBA Star, Russell Westbrook Is … Doing it Right


An intimidating player on the court but a super good guy outside it. Russell Westbrook is doing it right.

Not “Just One of the Guys,” Sarah Thomas Is “Just” The NFL’s First Female Official


Sean Swaby breaks down the NFL’s hiring of Sarah Thomas as its first female official.

Does Derrick Rose Have An Obligation?

Derrick Rose Picture

Does Derrick Rose have an obligation to his teammates to come back early if they could win a title?

Do You Even Sports Bro?


Shawn Henfling shares his waning interest in all things sports.

NBA Joins the #LeanInTogether Team

Screen Shot 2015-03-06 at 8.33.28 AM

The NBA is “in” on gender equality, joining the ‘Lean In Together’ Campaign on gender equality at work and at home. Are you?

Larry Sanders on Walking Away from The NBA: “Don’t Forget The And”

Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 4.08.42 PM

In his Player’s Tribune piece, ‘Why I Walked Away From the NBA,’ former Milwaukee Buck Larry Sanders reflect on who he is and what he values beyond being a basketball player.

Tobias Harris: A Grounded Young Man. A Rising Star.

Tobias with Kids-1

Good Men Project Sr. Sports Editor, Mike Kasdan, speaks with rising NBA star, Tobias Harris of the Orlando Magic, who shares insights into life as a young player in the NBA.

On Derrick Rose: Stars Don’t Shine Forever


When you sit under the stars at night, do you cast a wish on one that blazes across the sky? Or do you marvel at its fleeting moment?

Sports Explained: NBA All-Star Saturday Night

Sprite Slam Dunk Competition

From humble beginnings to Mt. Olympus, Wai Sallas takes us through a time warp. From Dr. J to The Beard, Live from New York, it’s Saturday Night!

A Brief History of . . . The NBA Slam Dunk Contest


Mike Kasdan looks back at the highlights from classic Slam Dunk Contests of yesteryear and previews this years contest.

The Sports Exchange: The NBA Files


What happens when football is over and wake up to realize you’re missing one of the best seasons in NBA history? You start emailing to get caught up with friends. Take a spin inside the minds of Good Men Project Sports, as they riff from the NBA to Downton Abby to Seinfeld.

Why Adam Silver Is By Far The Best Commissioner In Sports


You may think you know the greatest man in professional Sports. But you haven’t come close.

So . . . This Happened: Three Things in Sports (Feb. 9, 2015 Edition)


This week, we honor the legendary Dean Smith, shake our collective heads at Knicks Owner James Dolan, and question whether there is anything there there in the Chris Paul-Lauren Holtkamp controversy.

Isaiah Austin, The Man >> Isaiah Austin, The Basketball Player (And That’s Saying Something)

Isaiah Austin Portrait

Good Men Project Sports speaks with former Baylor basketball star, Isaiah Austin, about overcoming adversity, the power of sports as a platform for leadership, and the meaning of true achievement.