Me, My Dad, and David Letterman


David Letterman was a source of connection between Rich Monetti and his father. Here’s how.

Backlash for Backstrom


James Halcomb deconstructs Fox’s new crime drama.

NBC’s Latest Comic Book Series Constantine debuts Friday, October 24th!


Alex Yarde looks at all things Constantine before the October 24th premiere.

DC Comics Plans to Take Over Television


DC Comics has nine television shows on the air or in production.

Do More Americans Want a More Active U.S. in World Affairs?


With ISIS becoming a growing threat and potential global destabilizing force, should The U.S. take a leadership role, as part of a large international effort, to defeat it?

‘Crossbones’ Promises a Summer Full of Pirate Guy Fun


You have a better Friday night date than John Malkovich as the dreaded Blackbeard? Yeah, didn’t think so.

Fatherhood Shines On The Small Screen


Jeff Bogle argues that TV shows like NBC’s “Parenthood” are making huge strides in changing the ways in which dads are portrayed on television

Did an Olympic Reporter Go Too Far?


Mark Radcliffe wonders if Christin Cooper couldn’t have gotten the interview with Bode Miller she was looking for if she had just been a little more patient.

Have You Seen The “Drake Hands” YouTube Sensation?

Drake Hands

Ben Aaron hilariously explains the history and evolution of one of the weirdest and most uncomfortable viral YouTube memes in history.

Soccer and MMA: America’s Sports


Among the stories dominating sports’ summer landscape , there are some you may have missed. Liam Day discusses the subtle, but important shifts taking place.

‘Friends’ Producer Teaches Blind Students to Become Filmmakers

kevin bright, friends, producer, perkins school for the blind, film

“Friends” producer Kevin Bright left Hollywood to teach at his alma mater, Emerson college, and in Boston found a new direction in life teaching blind students to create movies.

‘Today Show’ Promotes Nauseating Interview With Jerry Sandusky

ap_jerry_sandusky2_dm_121009_wg (440x275)

Kenny Bodanis questions why Jerry Sandusky should be given a platform to tell “his side of the story?”

Beyonce’s Half Time Show Was the Best Ever – Ben Aaron Tells Us Why (Video)

Screen Shot 2013-02-04 at 10.04.31 AM

NBC’s Ben Aaron presents a convincing (and funny) case for Beyonce being the all around Half Time Show winner.

‘Ladies First’? How About ‘Manners First’?

Screen Shot 2013-01-17 at 8.50.18 AM

Alyssa Royse believes that teaching children the tradition of “Ladies First” only serves to reinforce sexism on many different levels.

Open Thread: Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Are Expecting

kim_GMP (588x331)

What is it about celebrities that make an announcement like a baby international front-page news?

NBC Host David Gregory Faces Jail Time For ‘Prop’

david gregory_GMP

David Gregory’s TV stunt with a high-capacity magazine has left the D.C. police in a tricky situation.