Do You Even Sports Bro?


Shawn Henfling shares his waning interest in all things sports.

John Oliver’s Epic Take-Down of the NCAA on the Eve of The Tournament

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Funny-smart-man John Oliver, formerly of The Daily Show and current host of Last Week Tonight, focused his energy and wit on the NCAA and March Madness. The result? A take-down of epic proportions.

The Sports Exchange: The NCAA Tournament Files


How do you get your mind around the NCAA Tournament? You start emailing to get caught up with friends. Take a spin inside the minds of Good Men Project Sports, as they riff from the NCAA Tournament to Wildcats and from the death of Caesar to Flight of the Conchords.

Don’t Punish Current Syracuse Players For The Past Sins of Their Athletic Program!


Tor Constantino is ticked that his alma mater is punishing current players—for NCAA violations committed by others.

The Madness Has Arrived


For Murray State Racer fan, Adam Crawford, Belmont’s upset in the Conference Championship signals that March Madness is here.

So…This Happened: The Rise of The Beard, Duke’s Slow-Breaking Sexual Assault Scandal, and Trading Daddy Home


Mike Kasdan recaps the rise of The Beard, the year it took for sexual assaults by a Duke basketball player to finally come to roost, and a storybook ending of Daddy getting traded home.

The Friday Sports Dump – Championship Week


Wai Sallas is pumped for another week of great football. Four teams enter, only two will leave as champions of their respective conferences. Somehow, the NFL can’t get out of its own way, it’s all here on this week’s edition of The Friday Sports Dump.

How to Fan the Flames of Your Relationship…And Watch All Five Football Games This Weekend

young couple kissing

Do want to increase the fire that burns between you and your loved one? Do you want to do it without sacrificing the desire to watch the NFL Divisional Playoff games and Monday’s College Football National Championship game? This is your step-by-step guide to doing both.

A Numbers Game and Blame Game: UAB Ends Football


For the first time in 20 years, a Division I-A football program has been shut down with little reason given—but blame & rumors abound.

An Inside Look at the NCAA: Student Athletes or Student Employees?


Zachary Nickels explores the story of Northwestern Football’s vote to unionize, the vote that no one is taking about despite its potential to destroy the NCAA as we know it.

Video Fun: Our Top Twelve Funniest Sports Commercials EVER

sudeikis - GMP

Michael Kasdan brings you the funniest sports-themed commercials of all time! From Peyton Manning’s “Cut that meat!” to Glavine and Maddux’s “Chicks dig the long ball.”

If You’re Happy and You Know It, Make Sure TV Doesn’t Show It?

happy, happiness,

Michael Sam’s draft onto the St. Louis Rams and subsequent aired kiss with his partner has been discussed ad infinitum, but Anderson Cooper’s analysis is too good not to share.

The Truly Sad Fact About Donald Sterling Attending A Black Church Service


Lincoln Anthony Blades questions Donald Sterling’s presence in an African American church.

Why The Michael Sam Kiss Freaked Me Out


A ‘typical’, beer drinking, hetero guy saw Michael Sam’s Draft Day kiss. Here’s his honest reaction.

Four Laps + Four Beers + 4:57.1 = Beer Mile History!

James Nielsen, Beer Mile, world record

Accomplished runner James Nielsen combined athleticism, scientific principles, and a few cans of Budweiser to accomplish what many thought impossible.

Being a Dad Made Me a Better Sports Fan

Being a Dad Made Me a Better Sports Fan

Brandon Billinger is passionate about sports, but, once he became a father, he realized he had to show his son that being a fan means far more than just yelling and screaming